Friday, November 26, 2010

T-Day Specials

Thanksgiving Day was a good gaming day for the old boy.  The Eldest and I started it out with a few learning games of Castle Ravenloft Board Game.  It is basically 4e D&D streamed down to the bare essentials for an elemental board game.  Despite me failing to catch one very significant rule, we came very close to winning once and got throttled the others.   As with most role play experiences, it is a cooperative game that seems to do a fairly decent job of managing the 'bad guys' against the players.

Later that day we played a few hands of Dominion.  We split the games 2 and 2.  After six Eric made it over and we tried our hand at Ravenloft again, still having not won a game.  When Paul showed we threw him into the mix and that is when we found that we should have been taking treasure cards on every monster kill...  Oops!  That made it a much more balanced game and we got our first win!

Afterwards The Eldest went to crash and the Eric, Paul, and I tried a go at Space Hulk: Blood Angel from Fantasy Flight Games.  It was late and since I had been up since about 3am, I was a bit tired.  The mechanics took a few rounds to figure out, and I would like to try again when I am more focused and we can try three or so games back to back in order to figure out the best way to conduct the cooperative aspects of the game.

On Friday when the Eldest got off work we tried Ravenloft again as a two player and were very close to winning the next adventure.  Just one stinkin' gargoyle away from a win!  Later we went to the theater and caught RED.  I have been wanting to see it as it looked alike a great action flick.  It was perfect summer fare at the very tail end of fall.  I give it 3 1/2 out of 4 ex-CIA operatives.  John Malkovich was a hoot.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gaming? What gaming?

So I have a few minor updates on the gaming front, but not much since I've been traveling again for work and such.

I picked up Blood Bowl Legends and have started playing a campaign of that.  Also picked up a discount bin casino game and have been doing a bit of Texas Hold'em and such to pass short periods of time.

The Eldest and I played three rounds of Dominion the other night.  I went 3-0 and felt bad.  She likes the game, but her strategies didn't pan out or took too long to develop.

Tonight headed to Steve's to do what I hope is the last play test before we clean up the rules and ship them out for the next review cycle.


Monday, November 1, 2010

FoW and The Walking Dead

On Saturday I was able to go to the de-escalation  tournament.  Paul ran a good show which had each players list shrink from 1750 to 1500 and finally 1250.   I brought my Italian Squadrone Esplorante with lots of little tanks.  First game was versus US Mech Infantry which I had a great start with, but when Morgans reserves all came in on the flank and rolled across the board killing all in their path.  Second game was against Michele from Des Moines and her Irish Recon force.  Solid game, I didnt really read the scenario correctly and failed to grasp that her reserves came on right on the objective.  She played a solid game and with the Shermans coming in I really wasnt going to bounce her off with an L-6.  Last game was vs. Kyle and a US Infantry team.  This was a pretty good game and I actually killed an entire platoon or two and only had a marginal loss when time was called.  Over all I was 0-3 with 5 points.  Not too good, but I had three good games. 

Sunday was Halloween and we did a bit of decorating, but only got about a dozen kiddos.  So I was able to bring in a big bag of left over candy, like everyone else to the office.  At 9pm, the first episode of The Walking Dead started.   The show was outstanding.  I never been a huge zombie guy, but I really liked how this episode wasnt about them.  It was about the undead walking around.  Dont get me wrong, they were there, but the story is what is driving this story, not the gratuitous violence The lead character, Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes, waking in a world that was not the one he remembers, having lost his family, and beginning his quest to find them, still takes the time to find the crawler he encountered early in the show and provide the mercy that was needed.  Lots of promise is this one.  Ill keep tuning in.