Friday, September 24, 2010

A game? Why yes!

A few game to report since my wildly late last post.

First up I picked up ‘Small World’ and gave it a try a few times.  First game was a five player game at the Shoppe on the day I picked it up.  Solid game, easy mechanics.  The rules make it sound actually harder than it is.  I then played the Eldest twice each of us taking one game and then as a palate cleanser with Steve after some play testing.   The game is pretty fun and Im sure it will be on the rotation for a while as it is fast and fun.

Play testing The conversion continues, just real slow.  Between travel and work and kid stuff (dont ask!) Ive gotten less time than ever, but Steve and I have had two solid sessions and we are looking at one more major change then ship out the next version for the grand editor to review.  If folks are interested in a bit of play test, let me know and Ill hook you up!

Songs of Blades and Heroes Campaign I did get a game in this Thursday and won!  Erics Orcs, that thrashed me last time, took a bit of a beating during a Break Through game.  However his warboss still was able to kill Bobbie Jr. dead  Long live Bobbie the Third!  In the end I left Eric with a few archers as the remainder of Victors Boys exited the board scoring victory points for the win.  Thanks for the Game Eric. 

Civ V was released this week and I did down load it on Wednesday, but only played a bit of the tutorial.  Since I have nothing planned this weekend but helping the Elder move back in to the house Im hoping to get some evening hours to play a few dozen turns



I blog, honest

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mud Fest

Not gaming related really, but...   On Sunday I did another mud run.

More pics here...   I wasn't told about the group costume thingy on the last picture, but I was a last second add for the event so it was OK.  As mud runs go, being an expert after only two, it was pretty fun.  The Soaring Eagle Vineyard was nice and scenic with a nice view of the countryside.  

Tripping again for work and will be missing yet another SoBH night.  Some rumblings of trying a Mech Warrior RPG/mini game campaign.  I'm probably one of the only mini gamers that hasn't played the game so I am interested in delving in to it.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday Board Games

Saturday Night I went to the Shoppe to play a few board games for a change of pace.  We tried two games, Small World and Factory Manager.

First up was a learning game of Small World.  We had a full five players with two of us being newbies.  It is an interesting game with deceivingly easy mechanics.  In fact, reading the rules made them harder then they needed to be.  Some subtle game play techniques and strategies along with the variable race/special powers seemed to ensure a strong since or re-playability with will be nice.  I think the regular guys would like it as it has a good military theme, if not a bit silly, but fun/quick play style.  The two newbies ended up coming 1st and 2nd with only a 2 point separation.

Next, a bit late, we played a game of Factory Manager.  It had been a long time since Steve and I had played so I was re-learning from the get go.  I made some huge mistakes early, combined with the misplaced board made for a bad results for me.  The gang was good to play with, if a bit too serious at times, but still a fun time. :)  I came in dead last...  by a large margin! :)

Good times,

Better warlord then middle manager