Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I only posted four times this month.  That is bad.  I wish I could say I haven't reported more gaming stuff, but I really can't, it has been pretty quite.

Still on the road for travel, but did have today off (vice Saturday that I put in a 10 hour day in) so I went to the theater and saw "The Wolfman".

I guess I would give it 2 out 6 silver bullets.  It was visually well done, except the close up of the wolfman looked a bit comical.  It looked like they were trying to pay homage to the old B&W version, but it didn't really get pulled off well.  That combined with some rather lack luster acting it just didn't sell well.  Which is sad, because the Wolfman has always been my favorite of the classic monster movies.

I did purchase a PDF version of "Song of Blades and Heroes" for $8.  It has some real simple game mechanics that looks like it would fit well in a skirmish game.  It claims to be playable in under 45 mins once you are comfortable with the rules.  I hope to pressure strong arm talk into the gang into trying out.  Cost would be zero as we all have a ton of fantasy figs and I've bought the rules already.  It looks perfect to run a mordhiem type campaign with a significant reduction in book keeping.

Any Hoo...  Have a good one and I'll catch you next month with more game stuff...  I hope!

Post?  What Post?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday Gaming

So I've been real slow in getting game stuff on the blog.  Been a tough month for gaming.

On Saturday I went to the Shoppe after my work out and played three games of Warmacine.  First game was a bonus game against Mike C.  I played Butcher, Devastator, Full Man O War unit and a Manhunter.  He played a bunch of pointy eared elves...  I can't tell them apart... He misjudged some distances with his caster (Eagle dude)  and failed a charge on the Butcher, allowing him to return the favor.

Second game was against Paul A. as a league game.  He had Ashlynn list with Precursor Knights, Nomad, & Rupert.  Not a bad list, but not a lot of 'fodder' for getting in the way or big hitters to take out MoW/Jacks.  I ended up trampling the Devastator to Ashlynn and getting her with the buzz saw.

Third game was another bonus game with Eric F.  He was playing Reznik, which is always tricky given Engine of Destruction.  I can't remember all the details of Eric's list, but it was a good game.

Afterwards Eric, Adam, Mike and I played two games of Formula D.  We tried the street racing rules on the first game.  Made for interesting play with the Nitro rules.  Eric took first, I snuck in on second due to Mike's spin out.  Second game was traditional on the Sebring track.  I won, with Eric in second and Adam coming in third, while Mike crashed.

Good games all around.  Thanks guys!



Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Runewars... To Arms, To Arms

I broke down and purchased Runewars a few weeks ago when I had bonus points to spend at The Game Shoppe.  Saturday gaming has been hit and miss with events and schedule, but I was able to get Rob, Steve, and  Team Chaos (Eric & Mark) to play last week.  The box says it takes 3 hours to play, I assume that means when you have experienced players.  It took us about an hour to set up the board and read the rules to get us all on the same sheet, then playing took us about four hours.  Now, those turns did pick up steam the further we went along and we all started to understand the finer points of the game.

The turn order the first round also includes race selection.  Rob took the Elves, I took Humans allowing Team Chaos to have the Demons and Steve the Undead.  Wouldn't have been natural if they hadn't. :)  The random board construction was an interesting add, allowing each game to be a bit different as home realms and map tiles used alters for each game, let alone how they are placed together.  Rob's Elves got 'stuck' way out on a lonely limb and Steve's undead were on the low side of the other side behind some defendable mountains.  Eric's forces and my Humans were squared across from each other pretty tightly.

One of the nice features to this Fantasy Flight Game is that they built in an end-state vice 'total dominance'.  You have to collect Dragon Runes and have control of six of them or six 'years' in game time pass with the winner being the player with the most Runes.   In the end, Eric and I were racing to get the Rune's in place, but Eric and Team Chaos was able to get their hero into town first.  The turn went five full years plus a spring and summer.

Everyone seemed to like the game, I would like to see a 6 player expansion with Dwarves and Orcs as the new races so more folks can play.

I need to record the audio for the unboxing, so I'll post that up as soon as I can get to it.

Defend the Realm!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Steelhead Riflemen... A sign of things to come?

I must admit, despite playing Khador for the slow grow league, I am still very much a big fan of the merc stuff.  Privateer has come out with a preview of a unit that I didn't even know was on the horizon, the Steelhead Riflemen unit...

Flavor text reads:

A doctrine of combined arms lies at the heart of the Steelhead Company’s training manual and their riflemen are one of the most important elements of these combined forces. Working in concert with other Steelheads, or the regular forces of a client army, the riflemen are skilled shooters capable of decimating enemy lines or providing covering fire to ensure that their allies reach the enemy in one piece. Every rifleman is a solid marksman, but when ordered to concentrate their fire at a single target they become truly deadly.

This sounds like they will synergy with the other Steelhead units in the game. Adam should be happy to expand his force in a very shooty direction as well...

What I wonder, like many others, is a Steelhead Warcaster that far away? If Merc's go the way of other factions, will we see 12 casters? That would mean four empty slots, three if you take Gorten Epic (which would rock, but that is a different story/wish list/wild speculation)... Only time will tell, or a preview, what ever comes first. :)

Fire for effect!