Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I only posted four times this month.  That is bad.  I wish I could say I haven't reported more gaming stuff, but I really can't, it has been pretty quite.

Still on the road for travel, but did have today off (vice Saturday that I put in a 10 hour day in) so I went to the theater and saw "The Wolfman".

I guess I would give it 2 out 6 silver bullets.  It was visually well done, except the close up of the wolfman looked a bit comical.  It looked like they were trying to pay homage to the old B&W version, but it didn't really get pulled off well.  That combined with some rather lack luster acting it just didn't sell well.  Which is sad, because the Wolfman has always been my favorite of the classic monster movies.

I did purchase a PDF version of "Song of Blades and Heroes" for $8.  It has some real simple game mechanics that looks like it would fit well in a skirmish game.  It claims to be playable in under 45 mins once you are comfortable with the rules.  I hope to pressure strong arm talk into the gang into trying out.  Cost would be zero as we all have a ton of fantasy figs and I've bought the rules already.  It looks perfect to run a mordhiem type campaign with a significant reduction in book keeping.

Any Hoo...  Have a good one and I'll catch you next month with more game stuff...  I hope!

Post?  What Post?


Zarzthor said...

I have to agree with your statements about the movie. I have always liked the old classic monster movies but the previews just didn't look that good for this one. I'll save the $9 and possibly get it from Netflix.

JP's Geek Life said...

It will be worth Netflix... I paid matinee prices and it was OK since I actually had the day off, but full ticket price? Nope.