Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday Gaming

So I've been real slow in getting game stuff on the blog.  Been a tough month for gaming.

On Saturday I went to the Shoppe after my work out and played three games of Warmacine.  First game was a bonus game against Mike C.  I played Butcher, Devastator, Full Man O War unit and a Manhunter.  He played a bunch of pointy eared elves...  I can't tell them apart... He misjudged some distances with his caster (Eagle dude)  and failed a charge on the Butcher, allowing him to return the favor.

Second game was against Paul A. as a league game.  He had Ashlynn list with Precursor Knights, Nomad, & Rupert.  Not a bad list, but not a lot of 'fodder' for getting in the way or big hitters to take out MoW/Jacks.  I ended up trampling the Devastator to Ashlynn and getting her with the buzz saw.

Third game was another bonus game with Eric F.  He was playing Reznik, which is always tricky given Engine of Destruction.  I can't remember all the details of Eric's list, but it was a good game.

Afterwards Eric, Adam, Mike and I played two games of Formula D.  We tried the street racing rules on the first game.  Made for interesting play with the Nitro rules.  Eric took first, I snuck in on second due to Mike's spin out.  Second game was traditional on the Sebring track.  I won, with Eric in second and Adam coming in third, while Mike crashed.

Good games all around.  Thanks guys!




Adam said...

Why would you let me drive the mini-van? It was clearly the source of my defeat.

Daimyo said...

Sounds like you had a good day down at the Game Shoppe. I would have come down but I was pretty beat after work - and not sure you'd still be around after 8:00pm.

I'm sure I'll catch you sooner or later.

Paul said...

I also had a Vanguard as well but with the results you saw that it was such the game changer...... not! It's ok though. I can say that I played an Ashlynn list that didn't have to have a mule (or two) in it.