Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday Night Song of Blades and Heroes


Steve, Paul, Eric, and I got together and started our campaign for the Song of Blade and Heroes game (SBH).  Paul had an Elf list using his painted Harlequins, Eric ran Alexia the Necromancer with a few Risen undead and living support, Steve had his five Gladiator crew, and I ran a no shooting list with a solid leader, some heavy armor guys, an Ogre, a cheap shield mage, a dog, and a stealth dude.

Paul and I paired off since it was his first game - It went pretty good for me as I should have died a few times, but Paul and I kept tying on the combat rolls.  The Elves have a real high Quality stat that keeps them in there activations, but the lower Combat score hurt there ability to fight the big guy.

In the end, I whittled down the Elves only loosing my Shield Mage.  We talked about list building with the ideas, namely the author's dislike of shooting tactics and their higher cost value.

Eric and Steve's game was fought on the nice city terrain as the Gladiator's came out of the graveyard (?) to attack the Necromancer in the Inn (?)  -- Silly Scenarios! The Low Quality hurts the Undead plus Eric forgot their special rule of getting a +2 on Moral checks.  Opps!

I expect that Paul and Eric are going to revamp the lists for round two as they needed some tuning.

Tomorrow is Nuke Con Game Day.  If your board, feel free to come by for a game!

Game On!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nuke Con Game Day

I've signed up to run a few games at Nuke Con's Game Day, Aftershock on 1 May.

1000 - Dominion
1200 - Pandemic
1400 - Formula D
1800 - Song of Blade and Heroes Mini Campaign.

If you are board, feel free to swing by!  It is held at Papillion South High School.


Week Summary

Had two gaming events this week.

Tuesday's normal game day at the Game Shoppe had us continue our slow grow league at 35 points.  I had a game with Mike S and his Cryx.  He ran Denegra and I had the Butcher, again.  Solid game, but his assassin run didn't quite get the run it needed and the Butcher was able to apply Lola to face, though it was close call.

Afterwards, Tony brought a friend and we gave him a demonstration of the game.  He has the summer off, so he was looking for a non-WoW hobby.

Saturday, Steve, Eric and I got together and played Rune Wars.  It was a brutal game.  I had the Elves, Steve the Humans, and Eric the undead.  I started very strong, but only had two food and messed up my timing and lost several elves the first two seasons as I expanded.  Eric's undead had a nice enclosed protected area, and Steve looked to be in the tough spot.  However, Steve was able to expand and roll, making great use of his units to clear out my Elven homeland and rolling to a victory in the end.

Paul showed up near the end of Rune Wars and when we wrapped up we played Formula D.  Four car, two lap race in France.  Paul had poll position, then me, Steve, followed by Eric.  Steve stalled on the start and looked to be doomed, but by 1/2 way through the first lap had taken the lead.  It was a cool track allowing 6th gear a few times.  I crashed on the second lap failing to stop once in a two turn corner.  Paul followed shortly afterwards.  This allowed Steve to coast to a first place finish with Eric nursing it into second.

We talked about playing on Thursday nights every other week for Song of Heroes and Blades league.  Hopefully we can get that worked out.

Great night of gaming guys.  Thanks much!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday Night Gaming

Steve and Susan came over and we had burgers & asparagus for dinner.  The three of us went to the basement and played three games.
- Ticket to Ride Susan hadnt played in a year and she likes train games.  Her and I were pretty close, but she completed two extra tickets which got her the most traveled and the extra routes.  Poor Steve misjudged his train lengths and ended up losing most of his tickets because he couldnt connect the far distant ends.
- Dominion x2 We next played two games of Dominion.  We hadnt played in a few months, so we quickly reviewed and found that we had been making a mistake from the first time, namely not dumping the remainder of your hand after each turn.  That made a huge difference in circulating cards and getting more cards/gold to do stuff with.  The first game was pretty standard but had no attack actions except the witch, but she really didnt come out to play.  The main players were Festivals and Villages giving lots of multiple actions in the game.   I took a pretty aggressive approach to collecting Provinces and it paid off in the end.  The second game we ended up with all the attack actions as well as the moat, which was pretty interesting.  Steve took a Thief route, Susan took a Spy route, while I cornered the Laboratory market.  The Spy/Lab combo worked well for Susan as she slowly cleaned out the Provinces and Duchy cards.   For me the highlight was having five of my six Laboratories in a single turn.  +2 cards, +1 action, followed with a woodcutter for +2 gold and an extra buy.  J
We wrapped up around 830, which was good timing and I got my food and gym stuff packed up before bed.
Gaming?  Yes, gaming

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here we are again...

Mid April and I haven't posted any game stuff.  I suck.

I've gotten some gaming and gaming related stuff done between work trips, but not a lot.

  I took some Khador, a Spriggian and the Uhlans to build when I went to Montgomery for a week, but my super glue exploded in the luggage, luckily I was smart enough to put it in a plastic bag so it didn't destroy everything else.

On Saturday we had our WARMACHINE 15 point Megabattle.  Ten folks showed up, which was a good turn out, we were able to play two takes on the scenario and everyone seemed to have fun.  Here are some happy snaps...

From Mega Battle

From Mega Battle

From Mega Battle

From Mega Battle

From Mega Battle

From Mega Battle

You can see the rest of the pics following the links above.

The rest of my gaming time, if you want to call it that, has been spent on Locomotion by Chris Sawyer.  It is a pretty old game, but it is a pretty neat transport system game if you like that sort of thing.  I've always been a fan of Chris' Transport and Roller Coaster Series, but I don't think he is moving any games lately.

Steve is coming over tonight to get some board game action on.  I'll update on what and how later this week... Promise.

Wanting to game more