Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Session Three

GM’s Note: Xander’s player was not present so he and Oro slipped into NPC mode.

The players left for the Agamar System, a noted agricultural hub. Senator Theern’s aid had given the players the coordinates of the hidden and deserted base with instructions to locate it, assess its condition, and report of any material goods that were still viable.

After an uneventful trip the Shuttle Pegasus arrived only to be hailed by the local Imperial patrol manned in a old Correllian Gunship. The Captain of the gunship was interested on why the shuttle had its transponder identification set to Imperial Senate. After a quick verbal dance, Storm communicated that they were an advance party for the senator, one of many he had sent out, to collect data for a possible visit. The Capt wished to know if the senator was going to visit so, as the local imperial commander, he could make all in right. If they needed any assistance, they only need to ask.

Upon arrival in the city of Kaddestrri, it was evening. The party headed to scope out the local area to secure transport and grab a meal for an early morning start.

On a empty street, they noticed an old man being pushed down by a group of thugs that then jumped on speeders and fled. The party helped the old man up and found out he ran the transport rental near the hanger bays (imagine that :) ). He stated that his nephew had started to fall in with that crowd and he was concerned.

After finding out the old man’s business hours, they party retired to the Dancing Farmer for a meal. While enjoying their meal, the ever observant IG-107 noticed that the lone alien, a Rodain, would glance towards the party from time to time. As the meal progressed, the rodian was noticed leaving the building.

Upon departure, the party was surprised by a stun grenade thrown as they exited. The party sprang into action. Shots were fired, the IG unit took heavy damage and became disabled. Xander used his newly learned Force Slam to push the bounty hunter away and into the wall. While prone the party took the opportunity to subdue the Rodain. Needing repairs, Oro and Xander took IG back to the ship while Storm and Markle searched the captured foe. Finding a data pad, storm cracked it and found the bounty slips for both Markle and Xander, which explained the bounty hunter on Ord Mandell as well. Fearing letting a dangerous enemy go, Markel took a fatal step and executed the helpless bounty hunter (Our first Dark Side Point… I’m so proud).

The next morning the team rented a skimmer and headed towards the great forest preserve. The followed the coordinates provided until their tracking system began to go blank… Some sort of interference from a localized spot. Storm used his natural stealth ability and scouted out two entrances. One appeared to be a hanger bay sized cavern and the other a smaller personnel entrance that had 12 or so speeder bikes out front. The team opted for the hanger bay.

The bay reeked of dung, urine, and rot, a large ‘nest’ was in the far corner and a stumble by IG-107 caused the creature in the nest to stir. The large reptile (hence forth known as a VanDrak) rose from the nest and charged the invaders. Using a spray and two claws the beast fought valiantly to protect its nest, but fell to the adventures. A quick survey found a fully functional generator room and standing inventory for a full operational mobile command post. They also noticed the cave-in for the direct route to the personnel entrance. Another route might be found.

After tracking back through the remains of the old base, the party passed a construction/mining area, but quickly left that section in search for the main base… (Hmmm… What was left behind… )

The corridors to the main base were blocked by a large pile of rubbish, when the party approached, 6 womp rats charged out of the refuse and engaged the team. Blasters blazed and much noise was created. Storm noticed a face above the trash that quickly bolted while they finished the last of the rats. Xander the Jedi used his Force Slam to clear a path through the trash and the party advanced. In the very next room, an old droid repair facility, an ambush waited. Seven young lads with blaster pistols waited to face the aggressors. The party returned fire, but had a hard time keeping their power cells charged (crit fail = drained cell in my games). IG-107 took massive damage and was only saved due to the use of a force point, but Oro did a Quick Repair and granted him a few ‘bonus’ hit points until the end of the engagement. Xander did a spectacular surge to gain position then flubbed the Force Slam having aligned most of the bad guys. Storm and Markel continued to lay down auto fire on the group, but the hard cover from the downed tables made hitting difficult.

After taking heavy damage, the party was able to eleinate the immediate threat. Oro went back to work on the now disabled IG, and Xander, Storm, and Markel went forward to ensure all was secure. When the entered what use to be a galley, three more thugs came running down the hall way. One stun grenade and a few shots and it was easy pickens. Oro had IG back up and running, but bearly so the team moved forward. They passed the entrance to the personnel side of the cavern and pushed further into the interior.

In the next room, the leader of the gang charged in as they entered, obviously answering some alarm, and gave the team a final battle for the day, all were hurt, but all survived. The party was able to hack the door to the old base commanders’ quarters (which the Thugs hadn’t been able too) and found a fair bit of loot.

The Party returned to the hanger area and moved the speeder bikes into the cavern and blew the personnel door to discourage thugs that might have been away from coming back.

And that ends session three. Did I miss anything?



Added a map to help... Also big thanks to Gozzy's. A really cool map generator on line at http://www.gozzys.com/index.php

Friday, August 24, 2007

Session Two


We had session two about a month ago. Just taken me a long time to post it out.

The players fought there way to the lower level and entered a large room connected to long tunnel across to the far power station.

A set of droids activated and attacked the players and they were able to fight them off, with some minor injury. After the post fight clean up, Storm hacked a lock on a strange door and the party found a Mon Calamari in deep stasis.

  • Oro - A run away Mon Calamari who improved his natural repair talents for Star Commercial Combine. When the base fell, he used his skills and a dark secret he keeps to stay alive.

The party woke the Mon Calamari up and hauled him up to the med droid on the upper level.

With Oro now a party member (Guest player and NPC), the party engaged still more droids. After arriving at the far end of the service tunnel, they found the bases power station and a evil appearing Security Droid wearing a dark Jedi robe. His 'bodyguard' of other droids attacked as 'Naga Sadow' moved forward to engage with his shock arms.

IG-107 and Markel's skills come forward to help clear the droid army, but not with out taking heavy damage. IG-107 shutdown due to damage while the other players were severely injured. Oro used his computer knowledge and found himself in a battle against an unknown foe to shut down the droid nodes.

At last the final droid fell as Oro shorted the system. Around the corner the scream of an Astro-tech droid could be heard.

Finishing the survey of the base reviled that nothing much remind, other then the physical infrastructure. The party took the R-5 unit as well as the Medical Droid and the GONK unit in the hanger and returned to Ord Mandell.

On the return, they were told the Senator was off planet, but payment was given and a new contract was offered. The party sold the R-5 unit as well as the GONK and went to get a drink to discuss taking the next job.

While at the Cantenia, a bounty hunter spotted something odd and began firing at the Xander and/or Markel. Seeing they were out matched, the players sought escape as clone troopers entered the Cantenia to arrest the wildly firing bounty hunter.

We leave our party as they make there way back to accept the next mission...

Stay tuned for the next update!


Friday, July 27, 2007

Session One

So... Been a long time since most of us had done any role playing. I really liked the new Saga Edition of Star Wars so I suggested that I run a campaign.

The setting I choose was a year or two post episode three. The Jedi have or are being hunted down with very few surviving. The new Stormtroopers are replacing the clone warriors and the Empire begins to tighten its grip on the galaxy.

Our Cast of Characters:
  • Xander, a young Jedi whose master sent him away on a mission prior to the purge. He finds himself on the run with an unlikely ally...
  • Markel, a clone warrior solider whose programming didn't follow the rules. He disobeyed Order 66 and instead protects his Jedi charge.
  • Storm Nebula, a rogue and pilot who spent most of his youth in the space lanes, one step ahead of the law.
  • IG-107, a soldier droid who has out grown his programing and refused to be wiped.

-- Once Character generation was finished we did get started on the first leg of the game...

In sets of two the players were in Botthe's Cantina on Ord Manttle, each pair interested in their own next moves. Markel was quick to notice the elder Senator Threen, out spoken critic of the new Emperor, walk into the cantina in spacer gear and heads towards the man sitting alone at a nearby table. Before he could react, a Quara and a few human thugs stood and killed the Senator's contact. The characters were quick to react. In the ensuing battle, the four heroes eliminated the threat and rescued the Senator and his guard. The Senator told the heroes, "I thank you for your support, I know this will not sound correct, but you better come with me if you want to live. The local enforcement clones will be coming soon. A Jedi and his associates won't last in custody." With that the Senator takes the rag tag group out the side door.

Senator Threen escorts his rescue team to his private quarters and offers them an opportunity. He is in position of a list of abandoned Trade Federation Posts. He has friends that could use the outposts and/or the supplies they hold, but he needs them to be checked to save his 'friends' valuable time. The Senator offers loan his transport to the team and 2000 credits in advance and 2k on return from their first mission.

The players, now full introduced take off for the first base in a abandoned asteroid field. Asteroid Jinathik (Thanks to Roy Ratcliffe since I lifted it from his site to be modified). The heroes encountered multiple old model battle droids and other challenges as they have worked their way halfway through the base.

More to follow...