Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Race

The eldest and I went to dinner at Hooters and then went and played two games of Race for the Galaxy with the newest expansion.

She spanked me on the first round 80's to 40's...  The new Prestige tokens add a different flavor to the game.  I need to check to see if we are doing the Prestige Leader thingy right.

Second game I won 38 to 37.  It went a lot quicker the first, but I think it was because we were trying to re-learn.

Right now I'm getting my butt handed to me by the computer version.  One win in a dozen odd games...  Grrr...


Monday, June 21, 2010

Race for the Galaxy Players Rejoice...

Two items for Race for the Galaxy...

First the new expansion has been released, "On the Brink", has been released.  I guess it came out a month or so ago and I wasn't paying attention.  While I was waiting at the tournament yesterday I opened it up to start reading, so no unboxing as I ruined the shrink wrap, besides, it is a card game!

This version adds Prestige that can be spent in the game for effects (based on the cards) but also counts as VP so spend wisely.  Coolest card so far is the Death Star type card that allows you to blow up planets of your opponents.

I haven't played yet, but the Eldest and I are going to try it out on Tuesday as my Father's Day present.

The second bit of info is that someone has developed a pretty good downloadable AI for RftG.  Keldon's done a few games, but this one seems pretty darn solid.  So far I am 0-3 vs. the damn machine...  I think it cheats! :)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Warmachine Weekend Invitational

We ran the Warmachine Weekend Invitational on Saturday and had 14 folks show.  Big thanks to the Des Monies crowd for filling in the ranks.

We ended up having four rounds, with Des Monies guys Chad and JD going in for the title and big prize.  Chad's  Troll's took the day for a victory.

Other Interesting Sights:

Adam fielded McBain after putting him together in a drunken stupper the night before! :)

Alan from Lincoln, the sole Lincoln rep I might add, put together and played a 50 point Kraye list in under 24 hours...  That is a lot of gluing my friend...

Eric played in his first full WM tournament and did well.  Lessons learned and force compositions noted for the next event...

The Des Monies guys are good...  They bar has been raised!

Hooker needs to get more sleep before a match!

Thanks to those that played, it was a good time!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Warmachine

Had a few hours this morning, so I got to try to play a few quick games.

Eric and I played his Highborn vs. my Cygnar.  It was going all Nemo's way, but, as usual, I left the caster just a bit to far forward, allowing Madhammer to drop several shots on his dead.  Win Mercs.

Second game was Dan's Highborn with Ashlynn vs. Nemo again.  I got lucky on a chain lightening that hit Ashlynn for 9 points of damage, then got a sword knight to charge up, rolled a nine to hit and finished the job with solid damage.  Was worried about all the solo's he had flooding the left flank, but I tried to rush the other side to stay alive.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign Meet Two

Thursday (Yes this is three days late) we had our second meet up for the Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign.  We had five show up, Paul, Eric, Bill, and myself with Steve hosting.

Since we had an odd number and I had the most wins, I took the option to sit out and watch the first round.  One of the pairing was Eric's King Vinter vs. Bill's Wild Gnome with the battle being fought in the mountain lands using the Hold Out scenario.  Eric had to deploy his force in split sections, but they showed up on the second turn which really didn't effect the game set up.  The battle was met in the middle with the Gnome's rats moving up in blocks.  The battle was fought hard, but the Gnome was victorious.  Bill found an Eldritch graveyard with gold loosing one of his giant rats and a wererat.  Vinter found a shrine that gave him a gold.

The other game was Paul's new Maximus' Veteran's of the 1st Cohort vs. Steve's Slave revolt of Gladius Imperious lead by Hunk-ra. The battle was fought in a standard field with the Difficult Ground scenario.  Paul took the victory after removing enough gladiators that Steve's small army was in peril of being wiped out.  One of Paul's guys picked up an illness and Steve found a trap and was able to disable it for a gold.

Second round had my Victor's Boys vs. the Gnome and his wererats.  We fought on open land with the difficult ground scenario, which was odd.  We did have a special terrain feature of a teleport field but neither one of us tried it out.  Bill focused on taking out my weaker dogs to force a test on the warband, while I tried to keep closing the gap without setting up the charge for his rats.  In the end it was the Gnome in the corner surrounded by some poisoned house guard.  I took the win, but it wasn't very pretty.  I found a cave that was empty and one of Bill's rat got ill.

The other game was Eric's King Vinter vs. Paul's Romans.  They played the Ambush with Eric hiding his forces with markers.   Paul won and got eh Murder of Crows  (?) while Paul was lucky enought to recover a forgotten treasure.

Since it was my third game I was able to apply some advances.  Everyone (except the dogs) went up in quality except Bobbie that I gave fearless.

So Victor's Boys as the currently sit.  I just bought Goosmire to the force:

Duke Victor - Personality           Quality 2+                            Combat 3            
"Special Rules: Hero; Leader; Noble
Jose D' Luk - Personality           Quality 3+                            Combat 2            
Special Rules: Sheild-Mage;  Shooter: Short
Marco, Polo, & Marlo      Quality 3+                            Combat 4            
Special Rules:  Heavy Armor
Bobbie the Ogrun                      Quality 3+                            Combat 5            
Special Rules: Heavy Armor; Big; Savage; Fearless
Goosemire the Troll Scout        Quality 3+                            Combat 4            
Special Rules:  Big; Dashing; Long Move; Outrider
Sneaky LeRoy                          Quality 3+                            Combat 3            
Special Rules:  Stealth; Shooter: Long, Sharpshooter; Poison
Argos & Magnus               Quality 4+                            Combat 3            
Special Rules: Animal, Greedy; Savage

Post if I missed something guys!