Monday, June 21, 2010

Race for the Galaxy Players Rejoice...

Two items for Race for the Galaxy...

First the new expansion has been released, "On the Brink", has been released.  I guess it came out a month or so ago and I wasn't paying attention.  While I was waiting at the tournament yesterday I opened it up to start reading, so no unboxing as I ruined the shrink wrap, besides, it is a card game!

This version adds Prestige that can be spent in the game for effects (based on the cards) but also counts as VP so spend wisely.  Coolest card so far is the Death Star type card that allows you to blow up planets of your opponents.

I haven't played yet, but the Eldest and I are going to try it out on Tuesday as my Father's Day present.

The second bit of info is that someone has developed a pretty good downloadable AI for RftG.  Keldon's done a few games, but this one seems pretty darn solid.  So far I am 0-3 vs. the damn machine...  I think it cheats! :)



Daimyo said...

So the new expansion made it out? We'll need to make time to break it in properly with a 3-4 player game sometime!

That and Agricola has been getting a little dusty as of late...


JP's Geek Life said...

Agreed. Some Race and a bit Agricola would be a splendid game night... If only we could find the right time!