Thursday, October 30, 2008

Savage Worlds

First things first.

First - I'm a gaming whore and I know it. Knowing is half the battle.
Second - I'm not dropping the 4e campaign. I like it and hope to run it for a very long time.

With those caveats out of the way, let me speak a moment about the Pinnacle Entertainment's Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition. I picked up down at Meta-Games during WARMACHINE Weekend. It was dirt cheap, $9.99 for the book, normal retail. It is a 160 page booklet style format that is crammed with what appears to be a great little rules system. Art is good as well, I would love to have a poster size print of the Rocket Man picture on page 5!

Why this sudden interest in the game? I have heard of folks playing in the past and been given some abstract descriptions. I had also heard that it was uber easy to convert a setting to fit the rules structure, plus it utilized a minion type system to ease the combat with the grunts of the world. I had heard folks used it to create an Iron Kingdom's setting and since I am a card carrying member of the Privateer Press Fan Boy Association I thought it would be cool to utilize it for that reason.

Well... Since reading it, I'm not sure I want to just do that! The possibility of running some interesting settings is just too cool. Two that I am thinking of tinkering with in my 'oh so available' free time are...
  • Modern (Near Modern) Horror/Conspiracy like X-Files and Fringe
  • Fictional High Magic Pirate Setting
Either of these might be way too cool to develop into a playable format. When would I have a chance to develop and run? Who knows... Maybe after the guys get in the apartment, a week night might present itself for a bi-monthly shing-ding. Only time will tell.

With that bit of an introduction let me tell you a bit on how the system works.

Each character has a set of five attributes (Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, & Vigor) and skills (many). Each level is represented by a die type. You buy more levels in each, increasing your die type with each purchase... D4 -> D6 -> D8 -> D10 -> D12. Each time you attempt to do something you roll the die type for that skill an/or ability. If you get '4' or over you succeeded. Players and big bad guys are 'wild cards' and always get to roll a D6 as well as the stat/skill die and take the best of the two. The target number can be modified by in game situations (cover/concealment/etc.). Players control their own minion/followers during combat, which frees up the GM to run the bad guys. Lackeys are either up, shaken, down. Easy peasy. Wild Cards have a toughness stat that keeps them up longer.

The book has rules for vehicles, chases, mass combat, and much more.

I just re-read that and I feel I did it no justice. The game just seems real easy to play, despite my horrible attempt to explain the character.

Any Hoo... I may start to work on the Modern Horror setting for S&G, just to come up with some ideas in case I can squeeze in the time with the guys! :)

I'm John, and I'm a gaming addict.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



We departed Bellevue around 0430 and spent the next six hours or so on the road to Springfield MO. We had 12 total in four cars. Three from Lincoln, nine from Omaha. We arrived in time to sign up and get prepped for the first event, a 350 Mangled Metal/Tooth & Claw. It was a good ice breaker, but Carl (our gracious host) admitted he was surprised by the 40+ arrivals for the first event. The second event was a 350 'No Jacks' tournament. I had a massive head ache so Smitty and I took off to check into the hotel. I won't give the name of the hotel, because it doesn't deserve the advertisement. It was a stink hole. One of the three rooms was unmade and I specifically asked for non smoking and I got a two ashtray minimum. Bbbbfffftttt on them!

Anyways, I digress... I ran a 4e IK event at 830 that night that rapped up around midnight. Good time by the guys, although it did start to get a little silly near the end. I know I officially lost control when the party was fighting the Farrow warband and they started singing the Hulu song from Lion King.

After I finished the IK event, the guys were still a round away from the 750 point tournament being finished. Yes... Some of them had been up since 330am and were playing their 3rd tournament after riding six plus hours. That is hard core gentlemen.

After a late night we had an early morning with breakfast at the craptacular hotel. I decied to play in the 1000 point event. I ran a Monty and Dirty D list. I went 2-2 when they dropped the folks playing and leaving only the two undefeated. I had a great game on most fronts. I even had a good game against a guy that others had an issue. It was at the end, so we were both out of contention. I won the game with only Deneghra left on the table. The non 1K players played two 500 point tournaments, one for WARMACHINE and one for HORDES. The last event for Saturday was a 350 Hardcore. Hardcore is fully painted, 3 minute rounds. I had enough and a few of us went to get some BBQ for dinner.

Sunday had two tournaments. One was a 500 point and the other 750. I think we all opted for the 500 as we were getting pretty tired. It was a good event, I switched to Cygnar, but didn't fare so well. My one trick pony Sniped Mule with Cain list never really did the job. My only game came with Haley melee list.

We finished up the awards around 515pm and hit the road. I got home and into bed around 1230, up at 540ish to go to work. I'm still pretty tired!

Everyone seemed to have a good time. Only complaints were minor by and large.

Not sure I remember it all, but here are the highlights...
  • Hooker took 2nd in the 1000 event.
  • Tyler (Lincoln) took the Hordes 500 (I think)
  • Phillip took 3rd in the Firday 350 MM/TC
  • A few guys were tied with undeated on the 350 'No Jacks'
  • Sam won a random army draw for the Hordes event (I think)
  • Dan won a random army draw for the last event of the Sunday
  • Joe tied for overall, but lost out in the tie breaker (He won last year!)
Overall not to shabby!

Everyone is looking forward to next year, I am considering a 15 PAX van this time and maybe getting a suite to pack everyone into.

Here are some random quotes, most of them came from Dan if I am not mistaken...

"Is burger time up yet?"
"WTF! No waffles at Waffle House!"
"... ... " - My lack of response to a question that I feel asleep listening to

That is the big parts! I'll post more later as it comes to me.

Bringing WARMACHINE to the unclean masses

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monsterpocalypse Launch Ho!

On Tuesday we ran the Monsterpocalypse launch event. We modified it a bit to run a starter only event, but could have easily run a full event with a few unit boxes as every one picked up the that much stuff anyways! We had a good time with the rules questions getting answered on their own pretty well. First place went to Heff... Go figure! :) Second was a four way tie, I gave the second place mega to Chase as he did take a bit of a unfair pull on some damage early and he had the Cthulx fig that was being offered. The last won went to Smitty in a roll off of power dice.

Look for more Monsterpocalypse action on Tuesdays. We will run a 'sealed unit' event in a few weeks. Bring your own monster and buy two unit boxes. Open one pass to the right until it is empty. Open second, pass to the left, until it is empty. Gives everyone a chance to pull the unit they want.

Heading out for Springfield, MO for WARMACHINE Weekend on Friday at zero dark thirty. Looking forward to a lot of games over the weekend and playing folks I rarely get a chance to. I'm running the IK 4e adventure that I FINALLY got finished late last night. Nothing like taking a blind adventure to a con! I'll back brief the weekend next week.

Games? What games?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nuke Con Back Brief

This weekend was Nuke Con, the 'big' convention for the Omaha area. I had not been in three years due to a conflict between friends. Silly really. Only High School Drama ranks higher on the scale the Gamer Drama. I hate Drama!

The folks that ran the event did an outstanding job. The floor was moving all three days, the staff was efficient and nice, and the attendees were ready to play some games. An outstanding set of circumstances. I big Bravo Zulu to the staff.

On Friday I took the eldest with me and we meet up with TJ to play a bit of Boltz-N-Voltz as a prep for the test play. That went well and we worked out some misunderstandings in the rules. We also played Monsterpocalypse, the new CCM from Privateer Press. It seems to be a pretty cool game. Flows well after three plays or so and was fun to play. The monsters are very well painted for pre-paints. Look forward to the release, just wish I would be able to run it!

Saturday TJ and I ran a play test session. Got some good feed back and some not so helpful feedback in about 2.5 hours of testing. TJ and I then laid down some more MonPoc. I took off around 5'ish and picked up PJ and went and had dinner at Feta's (Opa!) and went to see Religulous at the theater. I liked it. A lot. Not very friendly in the midwest I assume, but I've never been a real religious type of guy. I did find it funny that the two most intelligent sounding people he interviewed were both Roman Catholic Priest. The Father in charge of the Vatican Observatory was just spot on what I would expect for a modern day practitioner of faith to teach. That being the bible is a cool story, but be real... It doesn't teach modern science and shouldn't be interpreted to do so! Any ways... I would recommend it if your feeling won't get hurt when he makes fun of the religion you think is correct. The big thing I learned, that I didn't know before was that Thomas Jefferson (Good old Tommy J!) edited a copy of the Bible taking out all the mysticism and focused on the teachings. I may have to see if it is in the library.

Sunday was a bit disappointment. I had scheduled a WM tournament, knowing I would not get a heavy turn out. I got one. Thanks to Smitty for showing up. He won a Drago by default that I will order soon. We played a game of Warmachine, his eStryker, my Denny. Good solid game. I forgot that his spell move is 2 inches per focus not 1 inch per focus, so he zipped behind my line and charged me after I had pretty much taken out the rest of his army. I also gave Smitty a MonPoc demo.

Not sure when I'll get a D&D game in. I am really missing that. It is fun to run and I want to get back to the story. Next weekend is not looking good as it is the first weekend home since I got the Eldest last month. Maybe after Warmachine Weekend... Maybe! Stupid obligations!

Until next time!

Gamer of Games

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lost in Maryland

So... here I set doing my on-line check-in for Southwest Airlines. My last business trip as a contractor and counting the days until I get a nice long 6 day weekend.

I took the Fields of Glory book to read on the plane and at dinner... I've posted in other locations that I thought it seems overly complex. The amount of things you seem to have to remember seems to be a bit high, but I'll give it a go.

I am going to look at one of the Crusaders armies, but the new job has a cut in pay so I know that PJ is going to be very critical of new gamer purchases. Not sure how I'm going to pull it off. I do get home before her, but we shall see...

Going to Nuke-Con this weekend. I'm scheduled to run an IK 4e game, but to be honest I am less then prepared. Only one person has pre-reged. I hope it doesn't grow so I can canx and just play some board games. Bringing the eldest with me to goof off. Saturday I'll be play testing Boltz-n-Voltz as well as MonPoc. I got my demo pack in the mail and hope to open on Friday and teach myself the rules.

Well... Tickets are printed and I'm off to bed. 1/2 day meetings and full day travel... The joys of it all!

Workn' for the Man!