Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Breast Cancer Brawl

I will be running the WARMACHINE and Hordes Breast Cancer Brawl this year at The Game Shoppe. My mother is a breast cancer survivor, but it took a lot out of her and I always felt a bit bad that I wasn't their to support more. So, now I can help others by raising just a little cash.

If your a WM/HD player and have a family member that has suffered through breast cancer or you just like tatas and hope they stick around longer, then I encourge you to seek out your cloeset place to support.

The Omaha area will be running the brawl on 27 Sept 08 at The Game Shoppe. Regestration will be at 1030 with dice flying at 1100.

More Info:

Monday, July 28, 2008

World Building

While I should have been working harder, the RSS Feed from the good folks at the Gnome Stew posted this article about world building as a team activity. The link to Dawn of Worlds (PDF) world building system that actually allows the players to help create the world that they play in. With some modifications I think I'm going to try and inflict this on the gang... Most likely as an on-line distraction vice taking up a whole gaming session. That way I can build the map each round and track the results.

I'll be sure to post our progress of the new world order!

God of Creation

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dark Knight and X-Files

This weekend I got a chance to see two movies. That is more then I get in three or four months. Thought I would throw down my little mini review on each, not that anyone is reading, but what the hey.

On Saturday Phyllis and I went to see the X-Files:I Want to Believe at the 1030 am show. Including us, their was 6 people in the theater. Overall, the movie wasn't horrible, but it was far from a great motion picture. I think Chris Carter's approach to do the 'creature feature' approach vice expanding the mythos of the X-Files was the single largest factor on whether this was going to be a good movie. The use of the overlying conspiracy theory that the X-Files is known for would have been a better story to grab the fans and non-fans. Without that this could have been an episode of X-Files or Kolchak: The Night Stalker or Night Gallery. The acting was good as was the general feel of the movie. I would have also like to see more of Skinner as he was one of my favorites on the show. Overall? Wait for the DVD release and rent it. If your a hard core fan, you will go see it anyways, the best part is that it should be quiet in the theater.

On Sunday we went to go see The Dark Knight. This was a very good movie and I did enjoy the experience. Was it perfect? No. Was it "Best... Movie... Ever!"? No. What did I like. Heath Ledger was the show. Plain and simple his performance of the Joker shined and made the movie what it is. The general story and plot I also liked. What did I not like? I thought that Bruce Wayne's angst was way underplayed. This is, after all, a Batman movie, not a Joker movie. Where was Bruce Wayne's pain and suffering over his inability to save Rachel? I think the 2:45 running time could have been cut down. Perhaps drop the 'Sons of the Batman' & Scarecrow stuff in the beginning and use that saved time to develop more depth of character for Bruce. Brooding will only take you so far. Where was the pain?

So anyways... That's my two cents...

Movie Critic At Large

Point of light in the dark of night

The party has ventured forth in a 4e adventure for the first time. Our players are:
  • Uhlk - Human Great Weapon Fighter that likes to smash.
  • Extel - Human Blade Ranger who's haunted memories of his past lives fill his waking days
  • Elladen Paeris Halladan - Eladrin Swordmage who's family fought the Bloodspear Orcs to the end of their line.
  • Valgar Talean - Dragonborn Swordmage on a quest far from his homelands to better learn the skills of his trade
  • Zoltan the Reformed - Human Wizard that is a bitter and corse man, often thinking of his own gain over those in the party, that is until the chips are on the table.
  • Eldacar - Halfling Rouge who is light on his feet and quick with a blade, walking the path of his own choice and not afraid of those that he may cross.
  • Sliver Elmwalker - Elf Bowmaster Ranger that is looking for revenge against the enemy that destroyed his family and clan. His only clue a dropped medallion.

The party meet in Fallcrest and quickly found work supporting Lord Warden Markelhay in ridding a particularly nasty clan of Kolbolds that had taken residence near by.

After traveling for 1/2 a day the party hound the Kobold Hall under the remains of an old manor house. The first encounter proved to be a easy, by and large, for seven adventures as they quickly dispatched several Skirmishers and Slingers. However the second room, the crypt seemed to be tougher. The Slinger's glue pots seemed to be more effective and the hidden traps added to the damage, causing the players to slow down. We began to see the 'healing' nature of Elladen come into play as he used his healing skill since the Cleric took a drastic direction to fighterdom.

After finding a bit of gold, the players moved into the second crypt and found slingers and minions tossing a giant sticky ball on a rope that would push the players back. The device made it hard to move forward, given the glue pots as well. The players seemed to have things mostly in hand when two guard drakes appeared, and they were tougher then any Kobolds. Uhlk went down and need several turns of repair.

The next room provided a greater challenge. The boulder trap chased the players around the room, that with the glue pots left Extel to be crushed, if not for his timely save and use of an action point to move out of the way. Eldcar and Uhlk both went down as Elladen and company continued their armature hospital routines. :) Finally finishing off the baddies, the party found a Magic Staff and some coin as well as the secret door to the...

Dragon's Room! A young white dragon was being taken care of by the Kobolds and he attacks. I bothced his surprise move and flame. So the party spread out making it hard for him to hit. He did drop Elladen and put the hurt on several others. Five encounters on no rest the party took the loot and headed back to town.

Some rewards and gold are exchanged, the party meets some interesting characters, and gets a charter by Lord Warden to carry word to the Lord of Winterhaven. On the road, they are waylaid by another band of Kobolds. A bit more aggressive, these guys had some fire pots as well. Zoltan and Eldacar get a bit too ahead of the party and are ambushed by the Dragonshields. Valgar gets stuck in combat with a Dragonshield and two slingers that use the mob tactics to ensure powerful hits. In the end the party dispatches the evil Kobolds and makes it to Winterhaven, where most of the party levels up.

Good session. Got to spend a lot of time playing, even if I had to raise my voice from time to time to get hold of the table. Might be a two week gap as we have a WARMACHINE tournament and a Flames of War tournament back to back.

Keeper of the Bad Guys

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tid Bits

Found from the Dragon Avenue Site the folloing Web based Character Generator for 4e. Pretty hand for quick and dirty characters.

A good source for other 4e scripts and what not is Asmor.com.

Looking forward to Saturday as I read through the Keep on the Shadow Fells.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

End of an Era…

Last night we finished up the first adventure in the Purge the Unclean series. It was also my last running of DH as I shift to D&D and Rob takes of DH.

When we last left our players they were taking stalk in the situation. Upon arriving back at Strope’s Manor, low and behold, Dar was returned from the hospital and Lady V. took a powder… In other words, Eric was in and Mick was out.

With the Play at the Alabaster Court allowing only Thaddeus plus guest to attend, the players kicked into high gear how they were going to provide support. Using a rented delivery truck and gray workers outfits, Raltus, Klytus, Dar, and Dekko tried to use the service entrance under pretence of delivering goods. Raltus secured the chef that was PO’ed that he was getting an order he didn’t request and Dar and Dekko jumped the two guards in the security center. Well entrenched the four members went about scoping out the lay out and security capability of the facility.

At nine o’clock the guest, to include Thaddeus and Talon, arrive for the play. People mingle and pleasantries are exchanged. The play is about an Imperial Governor that despite giving his all to his subjects is slain by them. The trick? The governor is played by a underhiver that his hyped up on drugs and has no clue what is going on. The story ends with the underhiver being killed on stage. Both Thaddeus and Talon are initially appalled, but Thaddeus uses his normal Nobel bearing and shrugs it off as no big deal (one corruption point please!). Talon gets into an argument with the creator of the play about the quality of the acting and writing. Satisfaction is demanded and off to the blood pits.

While the young noble’s second states that swords are preferred, Talon states that the challenge should pick the weapon and he chooses pistols. After a bit of haggling, dueling pistols are brought fourth. Each member gets a single shot after 4 paces. Talon whirls on four and plants one square on the dudes face, burning his hair off with the las pistol. In return, the noble misses and the duel ends with the noble’s apology.

In the mean time, Dar begins a ‘security sweep’ to check out one of the rooms that has an odd set up. He finds the stairs, but the room is locked and he is unable to open. Also he gets the feeling of being repressed.

Later at the party, the faux security team sees the Monk that killed the Bounty Hunter in the previous episode. And he is talking to the head of the church, Shaol. And they are not happy. Thaddeus gets the clue and meanders over and tries to ease drop. He hears the Shaol tell the Monk that ‘He isn’t interested in what his bosses on Amablon feel!’ Or something like that. The Monk, agitated, takes the Shaol by the arm and begins to escort them out. Thaddeus tries to nonchalantly follow, but botches the roll and bashes into the help and spills beverages everywhere. That is when the Monk sees Dekko and recognizes him. Raltus, the faux security guard sees the alarms trip from the Monk. Dar moves to ‘assist’ the Monk in Shaol’s quarters and finds the Monk pummeling Shaol. He turns and seeing a security guard, orders him to find the intruder and eliminate him. Dar says ‘aye aye sir’ and heads down the stairs and lies in wait.

In the mean time the party moves into position. The Monk moves down the steps in a hurry, sees Dar and asked if the intruder was taken care of. Dar says ‘Yes’, but when they hit the hallway crossroads, there is Dekko waiting. Sensing a trap, the Monk pulls his two power swords and begins a retreat to his quarters. A running gun battle ensues with the Monk climbing walls and ceilings. In his quarters he remotely starts a Meltabomb and shoots out the windows of the spire attempting to escape. Dekko cleaves his chain sword into the Monk’s back and while on the wall climbing down Talon takes a pop shoot and knocks him off the spire, to be lost into the darkness below.

Raltus takes a few minutes to look at the bomb package sitting on the Bounty Hunter’s briefcase. Dar and Thaddeus got to Shaol’s room, find him a bloody pulp, but alive and another bomb package.

Raltus disables the first bomb, gets the briefcase, but the group wants to see the shielded room. So despite the fire brigade in route and a live meltabomb on top of the spaces, they go to check it out. Some work happens and they get into a Psyker prison, and remove the device causing the interference and the party leaves.

Back at Strophe’s Manor they interrogate the security guard boss and Shaol, when the power goes out and a Hired Merc band joins the party. Much carnage later and the area is secure. The party decides it needs to act on the info they have gotten and move the game to Ambolun, the living city.

On arrival the scope out an Oracle, that really doesn’t tell them too much new, except about the Serrated Query. Then it is time to take the Joyous Choir’s local hangout. Another gun battle, and the team finds the processing facility for the Farcosia, and proving their thoughts on the source of the materials.

We called it a night then, gave out 600 XP to the party, 100 extra to Talon and Dekko for taking out the Monk, and 100 role play for the noble, Thaddeous.

Looking forward to running as a player.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

It is about Character...

On Wednesday I raced home after work, got the lawn mowed, and took a quick shower. Not becuase I had a hot date, but Steve and Paul were coming over to work on their characters.

They arrived about 630ish and stayed for about 2 1/2 hours to roll up Steve's Wizard (Zoltan the Reformed) while Paul re-vamped his Warlord (Still no name).

I know I am pretty new to the gang, don't have the 10 year history of gaming that they have, but some sort of multi-class fetish was kicking in. :) We will see how it plays out in the long term. My copy Keep on the Shadow Fells should be in this weekend, which should give me a chance to start reading the adventure.

On other fronts, I'll be running the DH game on Saturday. My last go as the GM for DH before I turn it over to Rob. I hope to create my Psyker on Saturday while we are playing.

Hi my name is John and I'm a gaming addict...

1500 Point Madness!

I realized the other day that I hadn't posted anything on what my most prolific gaming activity. I am a Press Ganger for Privateer Press and quite the fan boy for WARMACHINE. The fluff behind the Iron Kingdoms is really well done and I've enjoyed both the miniature game system and the RPG books that they have put out.

I had the unusual opportunity to play a 1500 point battle the other night at our weekly WM gathering. Phillip played a Menoth List with eKreoss, eFeorra, and Harbringer. I took a Cryx list with Aspy, Denegra, and the Coven.It was one of those games that every thing swing dramatically. We played on a 4x4 board that made deployment real tight.

First turn had some movement, but no real action. Second turn had me try to stall his front lines with a few throw a ways to allow my guys get in the charge position. His turn two had both eKreoss and Harbringer pop feats. That really made it tough to do much. He sliced through most of my stuff in the front ranks and killed the Death Jack ta' boot. My turn three I had 'Dirty D' move up and pop her Weathering and then Scourge a TFG blocking eKreoss it clipped two Devouts and eKreoss, knocking them all down.

Aspy then moved up and cast a few hell fires at the knocked down eKreoss, using his feat to finish him off. The last of the bane thralls did some damage on things, Tartarus whiffed his only attack. My three Bokurs all kind of botched attacks as well. Grrr. A pair of Pistol Wraiths and Night Wretch took at the Seneschal. We were getting close to closing at that point.

Phillip did a few more moves, but we called it shortly after. A fun game, but not one you want to do too often.

Omaha Pressganger and Nice Thrall

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Flames of War & Character Gen

Ok, not really related, but they both happened on Saturday.

I got a chance to play in the Flames of War (FoW) tournament on Saturday. It was a fun time, despite the massive headache I had running form about half way through my second game. Rob ran an interesting format of only 750 points, which in the FoW world is pretty darn small. The Game Shoppe hosted the event and we had about ten folks show. Four rounds ensured plenty of time to get your FoW itch out of the way.

I ran a Brit Infantry Company with a HQ, under strength Inf. Platoon, 3 Churchill III (Cheddary Bastard!), a HMG platoon, and a 20mm AA section. Not a lot of toys on the table. I went D-W-W-D which really surprised me since I haven’t played the game all that much. Took fourth place and got a nice little gift card, which promptly got spent on some D&D minis. Which takes us to the Character Gen…

So with blazing headache, I offered up the opportunity to go and role up some characters! It went pretty well, a bit slower then I would have liked, but not too bad. Bonus: Eric and Paul who missed the tournament were able to come and play too. The only missing in action was Steve, who was paying off his debt to society by helping a buddy that helped him move, move. Steve you are a righteous man!

So here is what we got so far:

  • Extell: Human Fighter who is stronger then anyone ought to be. (Mic will be joining us on a part time basis...)
  • Eldacar: Halfing Rouge with a pair of Katar Punching Daggers (Rob)
  • No Name Joe: Dragonborn Paladin of the Raven Queen (Eric)
  • No Name Joe II: Half-Elf Warlord who is a work in progress :-) (Paul)
  • Frak: A Dwarf Cleric that wants to be in the front rank (Mark)
  • Sliver Elmwalker: Elf Ranger, Master Archer. (Kyle - Winner of coolest name too!)

In game terms we have two Defenders, two Leaders, & two Strikers. Not a bad mix. With Steve still to role up a character, we might get a controller, but if not I think that we should be OK.

We took a quick encounter, level one. Bad guys were similar to what I ran the last test. 1 – 3rd level Goblin Hexer, 3 – 1st level Goblin Warriors, and 6 - 1st level Goblin Cutters (minions). The party burned three of their daily powers on the encounter, and several of the players took some hits. They should have been OK to go to another encounter with out any issues.

With a successful test run, I think this is what may happen in the near future. I’ll finish up the current Dark Heresy adventure and turn over the “Purge the Unclean” to Rob who can take over DH GM duties. I’ll step in to run D&D adventure and pick up a player in the DH campaign. I’m looking at a Psyker! I would like Rob and I to swap adventures. So Rob would run a story line to completion, then I would run a D&D dungeon to an end… flopping back and forth about every three to four weeks. That should give both of us plenty of time to generate new material and a chance to both play and run a game.

For the D&D players, I’m going to force the guys to do a bit of homework. I want them to write up a short character background. Nothing hard core, just a paragraph or so that I can use as adventure threads. Bonus XP to the players that provide me more then two lines of flavor text! :-p

Let me know what the gang thinks, if that is doable.

Gaming Whore

Friday, July 11, 2008

A fun system

Last night I printed up the pre generated characters for the D&D 4e off the Wizards site and made a 'Level 3' encounter for four of the characters to fight. The concept of 'Level' is kind of weird from a build perspective. The DM's guide doesn't just come out and say players level = encounter level, but suggests that the average player level +/- 3 levels and you should be OK. I thought that was odd, so I tried out following:

The good guys, all level one, were:
  • A Half Elf Cleric
  • A Dragonborn Paladin
  • A Dwarf Fighter
  • A Human Wizard

The bad guys were:

  • 8 Minion Goblins (lvl 1)
  • 2 Goblin Sharpshooters (lvl 3)
  • 1 Goblin Hex Thrower (lvl 3)

It took me about 90 mins to run this combat. With that said, I was still looking up a ton of rules, mostly conditions. Highlights:

  • Paladin got pummelled. I ganged up the sharpshooters and the Hexer's abilities on him early and he did go down at one point. The Cleric used one of his 'hit and heal' type strikes to get him back on his feet. Of all the characters he took the worst beating going to zero, making his death save, and spending over half his healing surges to keep in the fight.
  • The Goblin Hexer was nasty. He kept dropping blind and a nifty, "You can't move or you take 3D6" spell. Couldn't find the re-charge rolls, so I faked it.
  • Good guys used three of the daily powers and two used action points. This would have made any further encounters of this strength very tough with out an extended rest. As they state, daily powers can only be used once per day.
  • Low level wizards can hang with the battle. This guy dropped a sleep spell that took half of the Minions out for a bit, allowing the party to work on the immediate threat.
  • Going to be tough to remember the specials. The Hexer had an ability that allowed one goblin a turn that got missed to not only shift but attack out of cycle. Would have been great for a brute vice a minion. :)
  • Minions are a great mix I think. They allow more bodies on the table for a cinematic effect, will still do damage, and general be a pain in the arse.
  • All characters got beat up to various degrees. The Paladin was the worst of the lot having even dropped in combat, but the wizard & fighter both got bloodied or worse (under half) and the cleric was doing his best to provide support.
  • Miniature movement was a lot. In the old systems, if I remember right, you kind of moved your mini up to the bad guys and were kind of static. The push/pull effects in the game allow for a great deal of table movement. Push the bad guy over the waterfall, watch that he doesn't push you over the pit trap. Once again, it felt like it added to the adventure theater of the game.

Overall, I like the mechanics. It feels like a miniature game, heck in a lot of ways it 'feels' a bit like Warmachine with the specials that fly around the table. Does this make it not a role playing game? I don't think so. Role playing is reliant upon the players, not the mechanics of the game so I think it would be fun to continue to explore playing. Fun and interesting combats with a integrated story, throw in a couple of traps and encounter effects, set up a town with a patron and I think you got a start to a good campaign system.

Anyone else take a look at it yet?


DM wannabe

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

D&D 4e Quick Look.


I’m a crack head.

What can I say?

I’ve picked up the three core books for the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons. So this is my quick look review in 80 words or less…
I like the promise. I’ve been more of a miniatures game player then RPG’er over the past 10 year and this game has a feel that it is a connection of miniature battles, tied together with a little story, but with you and your buddies each only playing one guy versus a hoard. The combinations are going to be interesting as new stuff comes out. It reminds me of WARMACHINE in many aspects because of the combos.

I’ve pitched the idea of trying a session with the gang. Some are OK, some (one) were vocal against the idea of a long term campaign, but was willing to try a night of it.

Sometime after finishing the current Dark Heresy game, I’m going to flex my powers of persuasion and have the guys roll up characters and do a battle or two in one night of play. Just to try out the rules and see how it plays. I’ll let you know!


Dungeon Master Wanna-Be

Rejoice for you are Role Playing!


So the next session leads the party into the Purge the Unclean triple scenario threat. I am/was a bit nervous about running this published adventure, mainly because the lead in adventure, “Rejoice For You Are True” is an investigation piece with minimal combat. My gang comes from a strong miniatures background. Scratch that, they come from a VERY STRONG miniatures background and I wasn’t sure how they would take to more role playing intensive adventure.
All in all, they did try and the adventure moved forward, which is all I could hope for. My only real compliant was a bit too much side chatter, but that is bound to happen from time to time.
We had one regular missing. Eric took the family to Colorado (like that was important! :-) ), so Dar was recovering from grievous injuries from the Orks. We also had a guest player, Mick using a Sister of Battle, named Lady V. Also, Mark opted out of the scum and rolled up a Cleric, who’s name escapes me at the moment… Have to go look that up!

So on to the action… so to speak…

=][= =][= SPOILER ALERT =][= =][=
If you plan on being a player in Purge the Unclean, you might want to wait a bit...

Arriving at Scintilla, the team debarks the Pax Calixis, with Captain Ramirez providing parting gifts. A small sum of cash, armor that was used in the battle with the Orks, and a data slate with his personnel encrypt code. He lets them know they have made a friend, and if the need is high, he will show.

Team Adventure is swept away to meet up with the boss, Inquisitor Vaarak. They are strangely silent about the fat jokes that Ramirez was cracking, but maybe it is because this guy could still take them out. They share the information from the departure of Artimus and the demon and the last remaining Tarot card. He thanks them and sends them on their way for a bit of R&R, which the players spend the time advancing forward a level more or less.

After a bit of shopping and leveling, they are called back to Vaarak and are briefed on an odd situation. The Xenos circuits in the tarot card are the same as the ones in a mystery meter item taken from some happy-happy emperor cult on the capital. Seems one of Vaarak’s old chum’s lost a niece and this is what he found. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out where these meters have come from and what they do. Vaarak’s old buddy Laurent Strophes, a retired Navy man, will act as their cover. “and oh”, Vaarak adds, “Don’t drop the =][= bomb either!”

So the party takes off and lands in the upper tier of Scintilla and is greeted by a noble lady who id’s herself as their ‘cousin’, Julia Strophes. Seems their cover is to have part of the party act as nobles and the others as retainers. Since Thaddeus is already a noble he is an easy fit and Talon reluctantly saddles up as the second. Raltus and Klightus acted as body guards one per noble, Mark’s Cleric was the ‘official taster’ as he has some cooking background, and Lady V’s singing came in handy as an entertainer.

Big moving parts:
- Lessons for the nobles on how to act
- Meet Bounty Hunter at Barking Saint. Find out he has an encrypted data slate that he took off the guy that had the funky meter. He wants a hefty sum, but they feel it is worth it. Plans a meeting later on.
- Find out more about the Joyous Choir, who Strophes’ niece was tied in with and who had the meter.
- Find out about a new drug that is a rave of the young nobles.
- Arrange to meet the Bounty Hunter in a market. He is capped with a single shot to the head and the case he was carrying is taken by a guy with robot legs that can run backwards and shoot at the same time. Ick. Team decides a chase isn’t going to work, so they blend back into the crowd after looting the poor Bounty Hunter's body.
- Attend Lady Borella’s party. Have a good time, pocket some samples of the drugs. Speak with the folks, learn a few secrets, get invited to the Joyous Choir’s inner sanctum for a real secret party.

And that is were we wrapped it up. I think the second half will go a bit better. A little more investigate, a little more action.

So that is it for this episode… Thoughts from the gang? Anything you want to add?



Inquisitor Varrak's representative in Omaha

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pax Calixis, or how I stopped worrying and learned to kill a green skin…

Hello Gang,

Last Saturday we got together as a group with all in attendance and continued our little Dark Hersey one shot adventure… Which seems to have grown into a campaign. Which is cool, because everyone seems to be having a good time.

When we last left our humble group of acolytes they had just vanquished the demon from the cathedral thanks to some quick thinking by Dar, the guardsman. Now on to the real fun stuff. Clean up duty!

With the camp in shambles, they party decided to split up and do the work. Klightus, Dar, and Raltus returned to Port Suffering to get help with the most sever of the wounded. Talon, Frak, and Thadius stayed to help the wounded, take names, and do a bit of searching.

Team Suffering made it to town, only loosing a few of the injured, dropped the rest off at the Alms and headed to wake up the local astropath to get a message out. Well, the local arbiter had some words and Klightus was forced to drop his =][= credentials on the table. That got things moving. Klightus got the following on the psychic radio:

“Inquisitor Varrack,
Temple at Stern Hope compromised by warp incursion. Artimus compromised and KIA. Situation contained at present. Local arbiters ordered by Inquisitional authority to assist with quarantine of temple. Request Instructions."
With the way psychic radio works, who knows how it went out.

Anyways, Team Suffering heads out with 4/5 of the arbiter contingent on the planet (that would be four of the five stationed here), their chimera and a few other odds and ends to get back to Stern Hope.

In the mean time, Team Hope does some searching and finds the Abbott’s diary, Artimus’ Rosetta, and some cash. Frak takes the opportunity to run a scam on the locals and gains a little extra change too.

Both teams unite and clean up for the report and head back to town. Wait a few weeks and get a response from Inquisitor Varrack.

“Collect data/artifacts. Transport via Pax Sector (?). Return to Scintillia. Pay codes authorized. Varrak Sends”
Two weeks later and Pax Calixis enters orbit. Transport has arrived. The acolytes are treated warmly even have dinner with the Captain Ramirez who tells them stories of the time he and Varrak use to run together. Nice thing on Pax is it is a factory ship as well as a charterist. A few mono weapons are purchased as well as some other upgrades.

Some odds and ins...
  • Thadius trys to read the abbott's diary and near the end takes a bit of corruption.
  • Raltus pulls an R2-D2 and tries to log onto the ships data net and gets a rude shock
  • Dar finally gets his mono edge axe
A few weeks into the trip and ‘BANG’ the Geller Field drops them out of the warp. Half hour later the players are called to the bridge. Ork assault boats are in route and the team is needed to help supplement the ships security. Oh, and have some armor and a few grenades.

Big fight one:

The Boyz are dropping through the hull and the team is frantic to take them out. Frak gets grenade happy and does some great damage but also hits Dar and throws him out of the combat… Which worked out well cause he was getting pretty beat up. When the ‘Ard Boyz drop in with the Big Shootas the bullets start to fly in earnest, because they sure were not hitting anything! Team takes some good damage, fight it hard to the end before dropping the last of the Boyz. Then a comm link comes in. [Bridge under attack, please hurry]. The players race to the bridge doors in time to see the other ork crew kill off the last security teams holding the door.

Big fight two:

More bloody action. Dar takes a nasty critical and looses all the fingers on one of his hands. Everyone else gets pretty bloody. Thadius sucks with his new stun saber… Just plain sucks… Kid has got to get more skills! :-)

It hits 1215ish, fight is over, and I’m late getting home. So we wrap it up with the follow on to come on Saturday.


Inquisitor Varrak's representative in Omaha

p.s. I hope to have Pax Calxis posted over to the Dark Reign site soon.