Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rejoice for you are Role Playing!


So the next session leads the party into the Purge the Unclean triple scenario threat. I am/was a bit nervous about running this published adventure, mainly because the lead in adventure, “Rejoice For You Are True” is an investigation piece with minimal combat. My gang comes from a strong miniatures background. Scratch that, they come from a VERY STRONG miniatures background and I wasn’t sure how they would take to more role playing intensive adventure.
All in all, they did try and the adventure moved forward, which is all I could hope for. My only real compliant was a bit too much side chatter, but that is bound to happen from time to time.
We had one regular missing. Eric took the family to Colorado (like that was important! :-) ), so Dar was recovering from grievous injuries from the Orks. We also had a guest player, Mick using a Sister of Battle, named Lady V. Also, Mark opted out of the scum and rolled up a Cleric, who’s name escapes me at the moment… Have to go look that up!

So on to the action… so to speak…

=][= =][= SPOILER ALERT =][= =][=
If you plan on being a player in Purge the Unclean, you might want to wait a bit...

Arriving at Scintilla, the team debarks the Pax Calixis, with Captain Ramirez providing parting gifts. A small sum of cash, armor that was used in the battle with the Orks, and a data slate with his personnel encrypt code. He lets them know they have made a friend, and if the need is high, he will show.

Team Adventure is swept away to meet up with the boss, Inquisitor Vaarak. They are strangely silent about the fat jokes that Ramirez was cracking, but maybe it is because this guy could still take them out. They share the information from the departure of Artimus and the demon and the last remaining Tarot card. He thanks them and sends them on their way for a bit of R&R, which the players spend the time advancing forward a level more or less.

After a bit of shopping and leveling, they are called back to Vaarak and are briefed on an odd situation. The Xenos circuits in the tarot card are the same as the ones in a mystery meter item taken from some happy-happy emperor cult on the capital. Seems one of Vaarak’s old chum’s lost a niece and this is what he found. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out where these meters have come from and what they do. Vaarak’s old buddy Laurent Strophes, a retired Navy man, will act as their cover. “and oh”, Vaarak adds, “Don’t drop the =][= bomb either!”

So the party takes off and lands in the upper tier of Scintilla and is greeted by a noble lady who id’s herself as their ‘cousin’, Julia Strophes. Seems their cover is to have part of the party act as nobles and the others as retainers. Since Thaddeus is already a noble he is an easy fit and Talon reluctantly saddles up as the second. Raltus and Klightus acted as body guards one per noble, Mark’s Cleric was the ‘official taster’ as he has some cooking background, and Lady V’s singing came in handy as an entertainer.

Big moving parts:
- Lessons for the nobles on how to act
- Meet Bounty Hunter at Barking Saint. Find out he has an encrypted data slate that he took off the guy that had the funky meter. He wants a hefty sum, but they feel it is worth it. Plans a meeting later on.
- Find out more about the Joyous Choir, who Strophes’ niece was tied in with and who had the meter.
- Find out about a new drug that is a rave of the young nobles.
- Arrange to meet the Bounty Hunter in a market. He is capped with a single shot to the head and the case he was carrying is taken by a guy with robot legs that can run backwards and shoot at the same time. Ick. Team decides a chase isn’t going to work, so they blend back into the crowd after looting the poor Bounty Hunter's body.
- Attend Lady Borella’s party. Have a good time, pocket some samples of the drugs. Speak with the folks, learn a few secrets, get invited to the Joyous Choir’s inner sanctum for a real secret party.

And that is were we wrapped it up. I think the second half will go a bit better. A little more investigate, a little more action.

So that is it for this episode… Thoughts from the gang? Anything you want to add?



Inquisitor Varrak's representative in Omaha


Ellros said...

I will state for the record ( :) ) that at present we have a strong Miniatures background. But had you known us before we all met up (circa 2002 and before), we had a strong RPG background... of every saturday night for years playing D&D or Palladium... or Twilight 200o, Alternity, Torg, etc. So some of us aren't in RPG form yet. Heh.

JP's RPG Blog said...

Hey Rob,

Understood. Been a big gap in RPG time. Me too. I'm sure I'm not the best GM as I'm working out my chops for it still too.

I figure the Role Play stuff will come in time, the key being everyone having fun and staying engaged.