Thursday, July 17, 2008

1500 Point Madness!

I realized the other day that I hadn't posted anything on what my most prolific gaming activity. I am a Press Ganger for Privateer Press and quite the fan boy for WARMACHINE. The fluff behind the Iron Kingdoms is really well done and I've enjoyed both the miniature game system and the RPG books that they have put out.

I had the unusual opportunity to play a 1500 point battle the other night at our weekly WM gathering. Phillip played a Menoth List with eKreoss, eFeorra, and Harbringer. I took a Cryx list with Aspy, Denegra, and the Coven.It was one of those games that every thing swing dramatically. We played on a 4x4 board that made deployment real tight.

First turn had some movement, but no real action. Second turn had me try to stall his front lines with a few throw a ways to allow my guys get in the charge position. His turn two had both eKreoss and Harbringer pop feats. That really made it tough to do much. He sliced through most of my stuff in the front ranks and killed the Death Jack ta' boot. My turn three I had 'Dirty D' move up and pop her Weathering and then Scourge a TFG blocking eKreoss it clipped two Devouts and eKreoss, knocking them all down.

Aspy then moved up and cast a few hell fires at the knocked down eKreoss, using his feat to finish him off. The last of the bane thralls did some damage on things, Tartarus whiffed his only attack. My three Bokurs all kind of botched attacks as well. Grrr. A pair of Pistol Wraiths and Night Wretch took at the Seneschal. We were getting close to closing at that point.

Phillip did a few more moves, but we called it shortly after. A fun game, but not one you want to do too often.

Omaha Pressganger and Nice Thrall

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