Thursday, May 28, 2009


I just hit Tabletop Gaming News and saw the 'news' that Zac is looking to close it down and/or sell it off.  That is really sad.  It was a great resource for finding information on the latest in tabletop gaming.

Not sure what he is wanting for the site, but I know that I don't have the server side skills to keep it up and running smoothly.

Sad really as it has become one of my 'go to' sites every day.


Solo Pandemic

I got off my tush and brought Pandemic up from the basement and tried a few solo games.  Exciting! :)  If you haven't played Pandemic solo, you basically play the two player, but control both of them.  Since it is a cooperative game, no big deal.  I usually play to cure all the viruses then follow up with to try and eradicate them all.

Here is how things worked out...
  1. Scientist and Dispatcher: A pretty good combo to have.  I cured all the viruses, but failed to eradicate them all before the player deck ran out.
  2. Dispatcher and Operations Expert: One of the weaker combos since the Ops Expert's ability is situational at best.  Loss this one when the Blue Virus ran out of control
  3. Operations Expert and Medic: Medic is always good in the small hands.  I actually cured all and eradicated all with this combo.  I also tried something new with the Ops Expert by having him drop research stations almost everywhere as a fourth action if I didn't have anything else to do.  It helped with the mobility.
  4. Medic and Dispatcher: Should have been one of the strongest combos.  I lost to the player cards running out, but had completely eradicated all but red.  I had Red's cure in the Medics hand, but was too far from the research station to cure.  Grrr.
Not a bad way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.  Thinking I might try an afternoon session when I play every combo once to see how they do...  That would be 10 games given the five roles.  Could be interesting, or not. :)

Cubed Virus Alert!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T + 10 and the joy of semi-solid foods


A little math, 318 (Max) - 292 (Official Dr. Visit on Tuesday) = 26 pounds.  Not to shabby of a start.  My own scale shows a bit more loss, but I'll give the Doc's the benefit of the doubt.

The first week was really not that bad.  The last two days, however, were actually harder it seems.  Tuesday specifically was tough.  Not sure if it was the scrambled egg that I got to add to my wonderful liquid diet or if I am becoming less tolerant milk type products, but last night I was mega bloated and couldn't even drink water for hours with out feeling a bit nauseous.

I decided to drop the milk from the line up for a day or two and see if that helps, plus I'm really trying to write down everything that I am eating/drinking, including times, so I can better track.  It may seem silly, but having to drink 4-6 oz of water an hour when you can only drink about an ounce every two to three minutes or so is a real pain in the arse.  Then add in the fact that you have to wait 30 mins before and after 'eating' for the water consumption and it messes up the math.  

Today is going better so far, I had an egg for breakfast and got to add applesauce for a snack.  Just finished that and feeling rather full.  I'll get some water in about 20 more minutes, but my tummy couldn't handle it right now.  

Exercise has been walks around the block for the moment.  The weather has been chilly and rainy the past two days which has been conducive to getting out, but I forced myself to go at least twice yesterday and I would like to hit three today.

Pretty boring reading I am sure and not nearly enough game discussion for a 'gaming blog'.  I hope to rectify that over the next few weeks.  Sorry folks! :)  I did see this over at Tabletop Gaming News.  It looks really interesting, especially since some of the ideas that TJ, Steve and I worked on could fit that genre.

tummy, tummy, tummy

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Drought Ends...

Steve and Mark were all prepared for their respective activities on Saturday so they were able to sweet talk there ways over to help out a friend in dire need of a gaming fix.  We played three rounds of Race for the Galaxy that went pretty well.  It was Mark's first time playing and all the associated baggage that comes with learning, but he did pretty well.

Game 1: Mark started with a bit of military and tried to develop a strategy as such.  It went pretty well, but didn't get any supporting <6> cards.  Steve and I were both working on colony builds, but I was able to get a bit more out in the <6> cards to help pull out a win.  This is one of the few games I played were zero VP were taken from the pool as we only had one consumption power on the board.  Weird.

Game 2: Mark again tried the military build route, but it was much more forced and it didn't fair well. :)  I was working on a 2x VP wash repeat that I got kicked off pretty early having the 2 goods -> 3 VP in play.  Steve was working something similar, but didn't kick in the x2 VP until the turn after I started and it hurt his total collection.  We ended the game with all VP pool being gone, with my VP count being higher then Steve's.

Game 3: Mark tried a different approach, having Old Earth as his home world.  At the end of the game he started to see the finer points of the interactions between the cards, but it was a bit too late.  Steve did the <6> build strategy, having three of them from the start of his hand, including the -2 Dev card.  He was plopping them down for three cards pretty fast.  I had New Sparta and went military having a few military cards in the initial draw.  I did stumble upon New Galactic Order that helped with the VP.  Steve and I tied with 40 points and even tied the tie breaker with goods and cards in hand!  

We ended about 1030, I was tired and my pain meds were wearing off, but it was great that they came by for a game or three.  Thanks guys!  Most of the guys are playing the Flames of War Annual Memorial Day event at The Game Shoppe, hope that goes well.  I may sneak out and see a movie with the Eldest if she ever wakes up.


Friday, May 22, 2009

T+4... On the mend...

Friday is my second full day at home.  Yesterday was an exercise in patience as walking only three houses down seems to make me want to take naps.  They said the energy levels would be way down from the surgery, but wow...  It doesn't take crap to knock me out.

The Other Half and I have been going rounds too.  She thinks it is the narcotic pain meds, and she may be right...  At least that is the excuse we are going to use.  Today I am switching to liquid Tylenol to help keep my head a bit clearer.

Just finished watching Wanted from Netflix.  It was an OK movie, lots of action.  Yesterday was Forbidden Kingdom which was less of an OK movie as it had some real odd bits to it.  Next up is The Good Shepard which is suppose to be a good CIA flick and Burn After Reading which is a silly CIA flick.  Hmmm....  After that in the queue is the British Series Spaced with Simon Pegg.  Suppose to be a pulp culture send up with lots of sci-fi references.  Should be good.  

In gaming news...  I've got nothing. :(  Going through withdrawals! :)  A bit of stuff on the CPU (Civilization/Spider Solitaire), but not much more.  I might break out Race for the Galaxy later if I up for it.

I'm getting better!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home again, home again...

Made it home.  The ride home wa a bit painful as the nurse missed my pain meds before we left so I was out of the 'zone'.  

I had a lovely dinner of 4oz of chicken broth and just finished 4oz of water.  Yummy! :)  

The meds have kicked back in and it isn't as painful as before, but man, that ride home hurt.

jiggidy, jig


Last night I got a real good nights sleep, so when the tech came in to do my vitals at 4am, I just stayed up and did a bit of walking around the ward.  Everything seems to be going well and both the surgeon and the floor doctor seem to be happy with the progress that they are cutting me out tonight when The Other Half gets off work.

They removed the last of the 'things' in me just about 20 mins ago.  This included the IV in my right hand, the 2' catheter that was pumping some sort of pain killer into my insides, and a drain about 4" long in an open wound on my left hand side.  That was joyous...  NOT!  Nurse did a good job, but nothing like the feeling of a slimy tube being pulled from your body to make the stomach (what is left of it) queasy.

I'm now on 4 oz of liquid an hour and I am having a hard time putting it all down.  Sipping is allowed and encouraged so I just taking it easy.

Since the Other Half isn't off until later, I'm just going to chill here at Club Immanuel.  They have more cable channels then I have at home! :)

More later

sip, sip, sip

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, that was interesting.  Here is the time table the day of the Surgery:
  • Up at 0500 to shower with the antibacterial soap
  • At hospital at 0630 to check-in
  • Back to do all the pre-op stuff around 645ish.  Took good care of me.  IV in the right arm, Q&A with Dr. White and his PA.  The Other Half tried to distract me with a discussion on the pros and cons of Pikard vs. Kirk.  I laughed because she really doesn't care, just wanted to make me to lighten up.
  • Next thing I remember is waking up in recovery room and being in some pain around 1200.  They want you to provide a perceived pain level, I kept wanting to tell them details.  :)  Didn't go over well.  Pain early on was pretty high (7-8), but glorious morphine was injected and that helped.
  • Wheeled up to my room about 1300 or so.  New bed, a bit of movement in the bed, catheter sticking out of my wee-wee.  Heart monitor, O2 monitor, IV, Leg crunchers that look like a flight suit to help with the blood cots.  Wires galore!  Also have to do breath exercises blowing in through a tube.  I referenced "The Right Stuff" but the kid of a tech didn't get it. (See the 4:06 Mark)
  • Other Half took off around 1630.  She hung in there like a trooper.  THANKS HONEY!  I really appreciate her support for this effort.  It is going to be a big change for her too.
  • Stood for the first time about 1700 and walked a little around 1800.
  • Had an on going battle with the O2 level machine as every time I started to snooze, it would alarm because I wasn't breathing deep enough, but they were able to get an O2 tap in the CPAP.
  • I got Ding Dong Ditched at 1015 or so after I turned in!  Heard some giggling then my door threw open and someone ran.  Called the nurse once I tried to figure out the call button...  That was weird.  
  • I was on a 4 hour vital cycle to I was up at midnight and 4pm for blood pressure, temp, sugar levels and pain meds.
  • At 2am the Leg Suit thing had come unplugged and had run out of battery juice and started beeping.
  • At 330 am the IV ran out of juice and had to be replaced.  I just stayed up until 4ish flicking channels
  • Crashed after the vitals and slept pretty good until 730 or 800
Today I was feeling much, much better.  I've had my leak test (drink radioactive goo that is digitally x-rayed.  Pretty cool), Spoke with Surgeon and the house doctor and they see things as going well.  I also walked twice, took a shower, got the damn catheter out (Yippee!), get to wear underwear with the gown now that the catheter is gone...  And now updating my blog for the giggles of it.  I'll most likely crash soon as I am starting to get pretty tired.

Also another shot out to The Other Half.  Yesterday was also our 1.1 anversery.  For those not in the know we had completed our first two five-year extensions for our dating lives and got married last year...  So, 1.1.  I told her she could get a new ring for 2.0!

On a scale from 1 to 10

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm finishing up my last day prior to the surgery at the house.  Yesterday The Other Half and I went to the Heart Walk downtown as well as the Farmer's Market.  The walk was fine, but the Market was a lot smaller then I thought it would be.   The Other Half picked up a Tiropita from the Greek stand, but I had to walk away from all the free samples since I'm on the last days of the liquid diet.  We ended the day by cleaning out the garage, always one of my favorite activities, then watched Doubt, from NetFlix, which was a very good drama.

I head in at 0630 tomorrow after a lovely shower with the anti-bacteria scrub stuff.  Nothing like a fake orange tan!  Should start the procedures around 0830 and be done around noonish I hope.  Don't think I'll be up for blogging that night, but on Tuesday, I'll post something up as the hospital has wi-fi.

I've done very little gaming, and that sucks.  I did try a few open source games, a Transport knock off and a Civ knock off...  Well...  I just didn't get it.  The Transport game was way complicated and a I had a hard time trying to figure out the interface.  Their is a second one that I'll try later as I'll have some down time around the house.

Other then that The Other Half and I mowed our yard as well as our neighbor as he is out sick too.  Not sure who is going to mow while we are both out.  

I'll post some info as soon as I am able.

game well...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

T -5


With five days to go, here is the latest.  The liquid diet is not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Don't get me wrong, it's not a cheeseburger and fries, but it is passable.  I'm down to 306, so 12 pounds down, just from the liquid diet and the exercise. The Whey Protein shakes are really not bad.  I have noticed that my button up work shirt is not stressing as bad as last week, so we have no worries about exploding-button eye injuries.  Glad we missed that one! 

I keep getting asked at work, "When are you out again?"  Like two or three times from the same people.  Hmmm…  Not that hard folks.  Other then that they seem to be supportive.  It will be tough on the office as it is the same time that a co-worker is being deployed to Afghanistan for a year.  That means our five man shop will be down to three for about month.

No real news on the gaming front, which by definition sucks.  I just haven't had a chance to do much since Saturday as I missed Tuesday's Warmachine night.  I've been playing a bit of Civilization IV on the side with the occasional Spider Solitaire game as well, but just haven't had the opportunity to do any real gaming or initiative to do any painting.  This weekend isn't looking much better either as I've got a bazillion things to do before the surgery.

Tonight is the season finale of 'Lost'.  Should be a bit exciting as they have been building up a conclusion to a great season.  There is only one more season to go and to be honest the final season will be quite intriguing. 

MMmmm…  Whey….

Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek

On Sunday I took the opportunity to go see the new Star Trek movie at the theater down the road.   The intertubes has been full of reviews which were mostly good so I was going in with pretty high expectations.

Upfront, I am a fan of Star Trek, but I would not classify myself as a 'trekker' by any stretch.  I first started watching with my step father on afternoon television, then watched some of TNG and a bit more of DS9, which, was my favorite of the series.  Never watched Voyager and saw maybe three episdoes of Enterprise.   So, although I do like the story, I am not wedded to the concept that a 70 year old man needs to play himself as a 20 year old.

So with all that caveatting done, I liked the movie.  It was a great kick off to the summer movie schedule.  There were several things that I really enjoyed tremendously and only a few minor things that I could have done with out.  

To start, I thought that the opening sequence was one of the most heart wrenching scenes in science fiction I think I have ever watched.   It showed a great deal of depth and set the tone and emotional response that was needed to get the fans engaged.   I also liked Chris Pine as Kirk.  He did a great job with the character being both brash and self-assured.  Well done Mr. Pine.  The remainder of the crew were also well cast and played well.  I thought one or two of the items were a bit over the top, namely Chekhov's accent and the whole W/V issue, but each of the characters had a few great scenes.  Uhura's 'romance' with Spock caught me off guard, but was way cool as was Sulu kicking ass...  I want a foldable ninja sword!  Finally the Enterprise itself was just huge.  I think we hadn't seen the bigger engine parts of the Enterprise before and I liked how they laid her out.

On the down side, like I said, it is pretty minimal and really just nitpicking.  I already mentioned Chekhov's accent.  As much as I really like Simon Pegg, I think they did Scotty a mis-service as he came in very late to the story and was 100% comic relief.  You never see him working, only walking about.

As for the story, I thought it was fine.  Yes it is time travel, but how do you expect to 're-boot' a franchise if you must maintain 100% canon or the fans freak?  With the exception of the whole ice planet bit, I thought it was fine.

Like I said, a fun summer movie.  Will it win an Oscar?  I highly doubt it unless it is for effects...  Maybe an MTV award...  :)

Live long and prosper  

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Into the Fray...


Saturday saw the gang get together for some Saturday D&D action at Casa del Sphon.  We had a small group as two of the regulars were out with mother day obligations.  The core party, consisting of Eldcar (Halfing Rogue), Zoltan the Reformed (Human Mage w/ a minor in Cleric), Zarzathor (Dragonborn Warlord), and Splug (Goblin Rogue) headed to Fallcrest to gather some items, report into the local authority, and place a few specialty orders after encountering the bandit Dragonborn in route.   Kaznak (Dragonborn Paladin) and Sliver  (Elven Ranger) left the party to track down the bandit, giving me my out to bring them back next time :)

While approaching Fallcrest, the party saw the bodies of bandits strung up along the city wall, obviously something had changed in the fortnight that the party had last visited.  Speaking with the city guard, it appeared that the same bandit has been pestering the city proper and a reward was out for his capture.  This information was confirmed with Lord Markellay who encouraged the party to take on the task.   That night Zoltan continues to have dreams of a place of 'great power' drawing him to the north...  

After the better part of two weeks, the party follows the trail into the Winterbore Forrest and encounter an odd clearing with ruins laying about.  Movement caught the eye of a few as bandits with a rage drake charged across the clearing to engage.  The party was making quick work of them when a Tiefling vision appeared and destroyed the last remaining bandit with lightening and fire.  He called the players closer to explain the vision, only to get trapped in the ever growing Pyramid of Shadows.  The trailing voice of the Tiefling laughed and told them that they must kill him three times to save themselves.

The party suddenly appears within the walls of a room, that contains a large pit of dead beings, as well as  a pair of Carrion Crawlers and an Ettin, a two headed large giant who likes to collect heads.  The battle raged with Zoltan using Poison Cloud and Flame Sphere to cause auto damage that widdled down the three large base enemies.  The paralyzed attack from the Carrion did their effect as did the double activations of the Ettin.  The party found the 'Head of Valleyers' in cased in a black obsidian orb.  She offered her help to end the tyrants domain in this 'prison' and to assist with their escape.  She also explained the history of the Tiefling, her husband.  

As the party recovered, a Goliath Fighter named Grog materialized into the room.  He was confused, but the party took him under his wing as they continued.  The next room was relatively empty at first, only covered with bones and garbage in the corners until the Carnal Rats attacked.  These were quick work, and the door that exited was opened.  Unfortunately, the thief didn't do a good job on checking it and a wall of refuse came tumbling out of the room causing damage and immobilizing them as the garage continued to fall down on them.   After four rounds the flow petered out and the party decided an extended rest was in order. 

After an uneventful rest the party entered a library and were set upon by void spirits.  These psyicic  damage wielding beasts provided a great challenge that cut the party deep, but they survived in the end.  

That rapped it for the Saturday.  Not sure when I'll be able to hit it again, but hopping in June.  More to follow!

--Break Break --

This morning starts my third day of liquid diet...  I've had a pounding headache since last night and just plain tired.  I am going to see Star Trek at Noon, assuming I get all my crap taken care of...  I'll post about it later.

Ettin 'Nothin

Friday, May 8, 2009


So it begins in earnest…

I'll be blunt with you.  I'm at 318 pounds.  It may have creeped higher, but I have no proof, but today at the gym, I stepped on the scale it said 317.6…  Close enough to 318, so I am calling my official high weight.

Today I start the pre-surgery liquid diet and knowing that I woke up starved.  I usually don't so I'm pretty sure it is all mental at this point.  The liquid diet does three things.  Most importantly it reduces the amount of complex carbs (Sugar) that helps shrink the liver closer to a standard size which allows the surgeon some room to work, it helps loose a little weight as any lost weight will help with recovery, and finally helps prep the person to change their life style habits.  I can honestly say I think I'm ready for this portion.  I've been a bit over the top lately on chow so I think this will be a good break…  But I reserve the right to be cranky.

Today's meal plan will consist of No Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast, Low Carb Slimfast, Sugar-Free Jell-O, Sugar-Free Yogurt, Sugar-Free Pudding, and some crystal light. See any patterns? :)  Tonight I'll have soup, most likely tomato or some other cream soup.

I started prepping a few weeks ago, right about the time The Eldest started work, going to the gym.  I've only been walking, but I've increased the time so I'm walking about 50 minutes a morning.  I should crank up the speed, but pshew…  At least I'm out for now.

With all this preparation, I went a bit overboard yesterday on the food.  Lunch we went to Stella's Hamburgers in Bellevue.  MMMmmm…  I actually got to go to the original Stella's before the re-hab once.  I can honestly say that the re-hab was well worth it.  Very good hamburgers, very messy, full of toppings.  Since I was going overboard I had mine with a fried egg and bacon and a side of fresh cut fries.  MMmm…  Dinner The Eldest and I went to Genji Japanese Steak House.  I again, went a bit overboard having the Filet, Scallops, and Shrimp. (Once again, I'll interject…  See any patterns?)  The show was entertaining and the food was good.  Our table partners were odd.  The Eldest and I both thought it was some sort of Cougar/boy toy thing going on, but ended up being a mom and son thing.  It was just a bit creepy.  On the way home I picked up an Icee from the gas station.  I love the frozen coke…  It will be missed as it is just too high in sugar to process post surgery…  Oh well.

Well…  I've got to get back to the mines.  I'll update later on the progress.  Keep rolling those bones…

and counting...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Balin Vs. Lurtz at 2000 Points

Balin looked across the field at the evil that had entered the valley. Not just Orcs, but dreaded Uhrk-Hai and leading them was Lurtz. The scouting party had given him an idea on the lay of the land. A formation of four companies of Warg riders were on each flank; Uhrk-Hai Crossbows were lurking behind the trees on the hill to the far left; a band of six companies of Orks with two handed weapons; A Phalanx of four companies of Uhrk-Hai Pikes; Bezerkers; A Uhrk-Hai warband with hand weapons and shields, led by Lurtz; Mauhur's Marauders behind the other wood cropping on the right; a company of Sappers; and finally another four companies of Warg riders. A war host if one ever existed.

But Balin was not without support. He had brought all he could muster to meet the encroachment. Two companies of Clansmen armed with short bows held the far left flank, guarding the two Ballistas on the neighboring hill. Hilik, Thane's son, a might Dwarf Champion if one ever existed positioned himself next to two companies of Vault Wardens. Clansmen held the center in two companies. Gandalf, his old friend, fought with Dysik's Shields and Balin with Gavik's Axes. Rangers, with Bows mounted the second hill, three companies, prepared to rain arrows down on their foes. Finally, on the line was a Great Eagle that had come with Gandalf. Somewhere in the woods to the far right, his brothers from Ered Luin, with young Gimli in their midst lurked in the woods preparing to surprise the dreaded foul beasts.

The Uhrik-Hai advanced rapidly with most nearly running across the field as quickly as they muster. The Crossbows entered the left most wood and took up defensive positions. Nearly every unit had a dreaded shaman. Where Lurtz had found them, Balin did not know, but he was not happy with the bolts of fire and the shield breakers that came towards his force. Balin ordered careful advances having the Vault Wardens and Hilik clear a path for the Ballista crews to fire. Gandalf summed up his sorcery and transfixed the Pikemen. He saw through his peripheral that the Great Eagle moved to get a flank on the Wargs closest to him. As soon as forces were in place the arrows flew. The scouts did enough damage to the Wargs to drive them back, but unfortunately it also gave up the flank for the Eagle. The clansmen bows took a single Warg and the Ballista tossed stone into the Phalanx as planned. Finally the Eagle swooped in on the Wargs, taking three of the beasts out, but was overwhelmed by a lucky shot that brought the noble beast down.
Balin challenged Lurtz, who answered the call, then ordered his forces forward and gave the signal for Gimli and the Ered Luin Rangers to surprise their foes. Gandalf's formation also advanced to get close to the Phalanx and Transfixed them in place to ensure they would not charge. Again Hilik and the Wardens advanced to towards the Isenguard Orcs. The clansmen bows advanced towards the Wargs, blocking their advance around the tight space between the edge of the vale and the small lake. Lurtz found his warband with enemies in the front and rear and recalled the Berserkers and Mauhur's Marauders to cover against Gimili's force. The right flank Wargs moved into a clean flank on the poor Ranger Bowmen... It wasn't going to be pretty for them.

With a mighty Baruk Hazad! Gimli threw himself into Lurtz warband as his Ered Luin Rangers tossed their throwing axes before they were flanked on both sides by Berserkers and Marauders. The Ranger bows let loose to try and thin out Lurtz Warband and both Ballista's missed their targets. Gimli charged Lurtz's warband from behind, but was countered on his flanks and Balin himself charged Lurtz to conduct his heroic dual to no avail as he and Lurtz exchanged blows to no satisfaction. Gandalf's force charged the Phalanx to only conduct minimal damage. Balin's formation did great damage to Lurtz's force, but both Gimili and the Ranger Bows were decimated by the flanks. Oddly enough the Clansmen Bows charge on the Wargs won and carried the day.

The lines have met and the blood continued to flow. As units dropped across the field it was clear to Balin that his right flank was going to crumble with Wargs in his rear, so he made a hasty move to Ganalfs forces that continued to pound on Phalanx. Lurtz as well made his move to join the Marauders as his unit began to fall. The clansmen bows finished the Wargs and advanced up the field. The King's Champion, Halik, and the Vault Wardens were finally charged by the Orcs, but armor held and damage was inflicted. They Orcs fell back and were in disarray, allowing the Dwarves to continue to press into their numbers, wittling down the huge formation. With the new lines focused on the center of the vale, the vile Isenguard forces began their sweep to the left. Both the Orcs and Phalanx finally fell, but they had done their job as the fighting forces were soon too weak to fight. Even, Halik fell, as the crossbows found their range and took him down.

-- Break Break--

Heath and I played a great game at 2000 points. Heath won by 13-10, but it was fun with lots of carnage. I am really pleased with a few new additions, but I need to get a better feel for them in the game. Specifically the Ered Luin with Gimli I think are just a sneaky combo. So far it is still a gimmick as it hasn't been 100% successful on each deployment. I think I am launching them a turn too early, allowing Heath to get folks on them on the same turn. The Great Eagle can be a beast in combat, but I don't think it should be on its own, as it needs more things to be easier targets to suck up the wounds.

Baruk Hazad!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nuke Con Game Day Back Brief


I spent the day at Nuke Con's Aftershock at Papillion South High School playing a variety of games. I signed up to run a few games that had a different set of participants.

  • Race for the Galaxy - Two new players so it took us about an hour and a half to get through the game. Still good and gave Mike and Gabe a chance to try out something new that stretched their notion of a game.
  • Pandemic - Played twice. Once with Mike Edmond, Elizabeth, and myself. The outbreaks took us pretty early as we had a huge chain reaction in Asia. Second game we added Steven, which caused us to use all five characters, but only get one card to start. We were rocking along, had victory in our grasp, when we got the last two epidemics in a short order that exploded Asia (again!) and we lost do to lack of virus cubes.
  • Formula D - The new version. First game Mike, Steven and I played the newer street racer game. Steven took a health conservative view to some dangerous curves, and was able to zoom ahead at the end to win the two lap race. Second game we played the traditional Formula Racers and I took this one (Only game I won all day I might add!).
  • Thurn & Taxis - I didn't have this on the schedule, but I brought it because it is the best game of 15th Century German Postal Service every created! I challenge you to find a better... Can't be done. Steven did a great job of managing the flow and dominated the final VP count 41-27-8.
  • Mexican Dominoes (Las Cruces Rules) - Ann set up to play some dominoes and after three false starts :) we got rolling along. Game had seven players... Ann, Steve, Susan, Steven, Becky, Lilly, & Me. I've played Mexican Dominoes a ton, but Ann's Las Cruces' rules were a tad different. I liked some aspects like being able to voluntarily keeping your train open, but didn't care for not being able to play on any open position until your own train was out. I think that takes a few of the 'dumping' strategies away from the players. Regardless, it was still fun and I think I ended in the middle of the pack. Ann took it on the last round with her closest peers getting really bad hands to finish up. Good fun. I look forward to it again at Nuke Con. :)
Had a good time, a bit noise at times, but given that this supports the High School gaming club, which I never had growing up, I suppose that is OK. Anything that gets the kids started on their addictions early is A-OK with me. :)