Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm finishing up my last day prior to the surgery at the house.  Yesterday The Other Half and I went to the Heart Walk downtown as well as the Farmer's Market.  The walk was fine, but the Market was a lot smaller then I thought it would be.   The Other Half picked up a Tiropita from the Greek stand, but I had to walk away from all the free samples since I'm on the last days of the liquid diet.  We ended the day by cleaning out the garage, always one of my favorite activities, then watched Doubt, from NetFlix, which was a very good drama.

I head in at 0630 tomorrow after a lovely shower with the anti-bacteria scrub stuff.  Nothing like a fake orange tan!  Should start the procedures around 0830 and be done around noonish I hope.  Don't think I'll be up for blogging that night, but on Tuesday, I'll post something up as the hospital has wi-fi.

I've done very little gaming, and that sucks.  I did try a few open source games, a Transport knock off and a Civ knock off...  Well...  I just didn't get it.  The Transport game was way complicated and a I had a hard time trying to figure out the interface.  Their is a second one that I'll try later as I'll have some down time around the house.

Other then that The Other Half and I mowed our yard as well as our neighbor as he is out sick too.  Not sure who is going to mow while we are both out.  

I'll post some info as soon as I am able.

game well...


Ellros said...

Mark and Kyle played a Flames of War practice game, then we went out and saw Star Trek since we had not heard from you.

Adam said...

Best of luck John!

If you have any time you need to kill post OP Netflix Firefly & Lost Room. Both pretty entertaining little adventures.

Firefly, I'm sure you've heard of: One of Joss Wheadon's pet projects that got sabotaged by Fox. I think it's around 12 episodes long.

Lost Room was a Sci-Fi original mini series. 3 hour long episodes if I remember correctly.

Anyway, have a speedy recovery, I need to play against someone who rolls as poorly as I do.

JP's RPG Blog said...

Rob - Copy... I couldn't shake free. Hope you guys liked Star Trek. I did, despite the plot holes.

Adam - Thanks for the encouraging words! I've seen Firefly and really liked the show. Sad it was canx as it was better then any Buffy/Angle I accidentally watched. I'll check out the Lost Room if I get a chance.