Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T + 10 and the joy of semi-solid foods


A little math, 318 (Max) - 292 (Official Dr. Visit on Tuesday) = 26 pounds.  Not to shabby of a start.  My own scale shows a bit more loss, but I'll give the Doc's the benefit of the doubt.

The first week was really not that bad.  The last two days, however, were actually harder it seems.  Tuesday specifically was tough.  Not sure if it was the scrambled egg that I got to add to my wonderful liquid diet or if I am becoming less tolerant milk type products, but last night I was mega bloated and couldn't even drink water for hours with out feeling a bit nauseous.

I decided to drop the milk from the line up for a day or two and see if that helps, plus I'm really trying to write down everything that I am eating/drinking, including times, so I can better track.  It may seem silly, but having to drink 4-6 oz of water an hour when you can only drink about an ounce every two to three minutes or so is a real pain in the arse.  Then add in the fact that you have to wait 30 mins before and after 'eating' for the water consumption and it messes up the math.  

Today is going better so far, I had an egg for breakfast and got to add applesauce for a snack.  Just finished that and feeling rather full.  I'll get some water in about 20 more minutes, but my tummy couldn't handle it right now.  

Exercise has been walks around the block for the moment.  The weather has been chilly and rainy the past two days which has been conducive to getting out, but I forced myself to go at least twice yesterday and I would like to hit three today.

Pretty boring reading I am sure and not nearly enough game discussion for a 'gaming blog'.  I hope to rectify that over the next few weeks.  Sorry folks! :)  I did see this over at Tabletop Gaming News.  It looks really interesting, especially since some of the ideas that TJ, Steve and I worked on could fit that genre.

tummy, tummy, tummy

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