Thursday, May 28, 2009

Solo Pandemic

I got off my tush and brought Pandemic up from the basement and tried a few solo games.  Exciting! :)  If you haven't played Pandemic solo, you basically play the two player, but control both of them.  Since it is a cooperative game, no big deal.  I usually play to cure all the viruses then follow up with to try and eradicate them all.

Here is how things worked out...
  1. Scientist and Dispatcher: A pretty good combo to have.  I cured all the viruses, but failed to eradicate them all before the player deck ran out.
  2. Dispatcher and Operations Expert: One of the weaker combos since the Ops Expert's ability is situational at best.  Loss this one when the Blue Virus ran out of control
  3. Operations Expert and Medic: Medic is always good in the small hands.  I actually cured all and eradicated all with this combo.  I also tried something new with the Ops Expert by having him drop research stations almost everywhere as a fourth action if I didn't have anything else to do.  It helped with the mobility.
  4. Medic and Dispatcher: Should have been one of the strongest combos.  I lost to the player cards running out, but had completely eradicated all but red.  I had Red's cure in the Medics hand, but was too far from the research station to cure.  Grrr.
Not a bad way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.  Thinking I might try an afternoon session when I play every combo once to see how they do...  That would be 10 games given the five roles.  Could be interesting, or not. :)

Cubed Virus Alert!

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