Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Drought Ends...

Steve and Mark were all prepared for their respective activities on Saturday so they were able to sweet talk there ways over to help out a friend in dire need of a gaming fix.  We played three rounds of Race for the Galaxy that went pretty well.  It was Mark's first time playing and all the associated baggage that comes with learning, but he did pretty well.

Game 1: Mark started with a bit of military and tried to develop a strategy as such.  It went pretty well, but didn't get any supporting <6> cards.  Steve and I were both working on colony builds, but I was able to get a bit more out in the <6> cards to help pull out a win.  This is one of the few games I played were zero VP were taken from the pool as we only had one consumption power on the board.  Weird.

Game 2: Mark again tried the military build route, but it was much more forced and it didn't fair well. :)  I was working on a 2x VP wash repeat that I got kicked off pretty early having the 2 goods -> 3 VP in play.  Steve was working something similar, but didn't kick in the x2 VP until the turn after I started and it hurt his total collection.  We ended the game with all VP pool being gone, with my VP count being higher then Steve's.

Game 3: Mark tried a different approach, having Old Earth as his home world.  At the end of the game he started to see the finer points of the interactions between the cards, but it was a bit too late.  Steve did the <6> build strategy, having three of them from the start of his hand, including the -2 Dev card.  He was plopping them down for three cards pretty fast.  I had New Sparta and went military having a few military cards in the initial draw.  I did stumble upon New Galactic Order that helped with the VP.  Steve and I tied with 40 points and even tied the tie breaker with goods and cards in hand!  

We ended about 1030, I was tired and my pain meds were wearing off, but it was great that they came by for a game or three.  Thanks guys!  Most of the guys are playing the Flames of War Annual Memorial Day event at The Game Shoppe, hope that goes well.  I may sneak out and see a movie with the Eldest if she ever wakes up.



Ellros said...

You forgot to mention that Mark is color-blind and the cards were a b--ch to read for someone as such. Or did he not share that with you guys? Hehe ;)

ShortandLoud said...

The boys have been keeping me updated on your progress John. I totally forgot about your blog. I'm glad that you're doing well. Let me know when you're want Heath and I to beat up some viruses with you in Pandemic or Race for the Galaxy wiff you.

JP's RPG Blog said...

Rob - He did have an issue, with the Brown's mostly. I didn't realize that he had color blindness issues until then. Next time I'll force him to play a cooperative game of Pandemic, despite his distaste for the it not being 'a game'. :)

Becky - hey! What times are good for you and Heath next week? I trying today to go pain med free, which means I should be headed back to work on the 1st of June. Let me know what works (days/nights).