Sunday, May 10, 2009

Into the Fray...


Saturday saw the gang get together for some Saturday D&D action at Casa del Sphon.  We had a small group as two of the regulars were out with mother day obligations.  The core party, consisting of Eldcar (Halfing Rogue), Zoltan the Reformed (Human Mage w/ a minor in Cleric), Zarzathor (Dragonborn Warlord), and Splug (Goblin Rogue) headed to Fallcrest to gather some items, report into the local authority, and place a few specialty orders after encountering the bandit Dragonborn in route.   Kaznak (Dragonborn Paladin) and Sliver  (Elven Ranger) left the party to track down the bandit, giving me my out to bring them back next time :)

While approaching Fallcrest, the party saw the bodies of bandits strung up along the city wall, obviously something had changed in the fortnight that the party had last visited.  Speaking with the city guard, it appeared that the same bandit has been pestering the city proper and a reward was out for his capture.  This information was confirmed with Lord Markellay who encouraged the party to take on the task.   That night Zoltan continues to have dreams of a place of 'great power' drawing him to the north...  

After the better part of two weeks, the party follows the trail into the Winterbore Forrest and encounter an odd clearing with ruins laying about.  Movement caught the eye of a few as bandits with a rage drake charged across the clearing to engage.  The party was making quick work of them when a Tiefling vision appeared and destroyed the last remaining bandit with lightening and fire.  He called the players closer to explain the vision, only to get trapped in the ever growing Pyramid of Shadows.  The trailing voice of the Tiefling laughed and told them that they must kill him three times to save themselves.

The party suddenly appears within the walls of a room, that contains a large pit of dead beings, as well as  a pair of Carrion Crawlers and an Ettin, a two headed large giant who likes to collect heads.  The battle raged with Zoltan using Poison Cloud and Flame Sphere to cause auto damage that widdled down the three large base enemies.  The paralyzed attack from the Carrion did their effect as did the double activations of the Ettin.  The party found the 'Head of Valleyers' in cased in a black obsidian orb.  She offered her help to end the tyrants domain in this 'prison' and to assist with their escape.  She also explained the history of the Tiefling, her husband.  

As the party recovered, a Goliath Fighter named Grog materialized into the room.  He was confused, but the party took him under his wing as they continued.  The next room was relatively empty at first, only covered with bones and garbage in the corners until the Carnal Rats attacked.  These were quick work, and the door that exited was opened.  Unfortunately, the thief didn't do a good job on checking it and a wall of refuse came tumbling out of the room causing damage and immobilizing them as the garage continued to fall down on them.   After four rounds the flow petered out and the party decided an extended rest was in order. 

After an uneventful rest the party entered a library and were set upon by void spirits.  These psyicic  damage wielding beasts provided a great challenge that cut the party deep, but they survived in the end.  

That rapped it for the Saturday.  Not sure when I'll be able to hit it again, but hopping in June.  More to follow!

--Break Break --

This morning starts my third day of liquid diet...  I've had a pounding headache since last night and just plain tired.  I am going to see Star Trek at Noon, assuming I get all my crap taken care of...  I'll post about it later.

Ettin 'Nothin

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