Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday Games

I got free Saturday night and went down to the shoppe for a few games of Song of Blades and Heroes.  I had created a 'big' list with Butcher and Man O' Wars that was mixed bag.

First  game was versus Eric and his new Leaderless Orc band.  It was breakthrough with Eric as the Attacker.  He had to get his folks off the board and I had to kill them in the process.  I got 1 point for every 20 points I killed, he got 1 point for every 15 off the board.  He had a great start that forced a morale test do to the loss of a banner, which spread out my team, but the Berserker had already done a pretty good job of taking out two miniatures.  With the one leader and having to split my forces, the Man O War had a hard time with the 'slow move' in getting to be a threat.  It was a close game with me getting 11 points and Eric 8.

Second game was a learning game with Adam.  He played the Khador list since it had a lot of repeat miniatures and I played by Victor's Folly list.  It wasn't a bad learning game, but Adam did get to feel the pain of the activation system a few too many times. :)

This week will see the second run for the Campaign.  I'm looking forward to that!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Saturday of Gaming

As The Other Half is wont to ask, "Isn't 12 hours of gaming enough"...  It is a rhetorical question I am sure, because I think she knows the answer...

It started out with a Warmachine tournament that Adam ran.  35 point steam roller with 8 players.  First round I was matched up with Wayne playing Cryx and Montenabra in a Kill Box scenerio.  Wayne played it very well, and I left an unseen charge lane to eButch for the Deathjack (Overun for the win) which left him dead.  Quick and deadly, not how I expected the game.

Round two was versus Tony and eFeorra.  Tony went on a assassination run, letting it all hang out, but ended with three points shy.  Lola to face for the win.  Statistically, on average rolls Tony should have had the win on that one, but his dice crapped out on him

Round three was versus Lincoln Alex and Aspy.  A little more involved game, but I I kept missing a stupid Deathripper needing sixes and accidentally killed my own berserker.  This left a free line for the slayer to combo strike eButch to shreads.

I ended 1-2, but Adam ran a solid event and I had a good time, even if I was getting a bit brain dead doing basic  math.

Eric and I went to grab a bite to eat at a new Mexican place called Antojitos.  No website, but here are the two reviews posted.  It was really pretty good food for a little hole in the wall.  Recommend the trip for lunch or dinner.  I'll be hitting more often for Tuesday night dinners before heading to the shoppe!

After dinner Eric and Paul got their first campaign game in for Song of Blade and Heroes.  They ran an Assassination game (again!) in the Hill Lands with Paul's Wolves of Orboros lead by Kiya and other druids hunting down Eric's Ex-King Vinter and his magical revenge tour.  (Ok...  I made that last bit up!)  Vinter refused to be bullied by the dirty hippies and moved his forces out to confront the enemy that would dare to 'hunt' him down.  That didn't work so well.  Paul took Vinter out which ended the game.  Eric had lost Vinter and two of his Halberdars.  The  halberdars will miss a game each, while Vinter picked up Hatred of Dirty Hippies (Wolves specifically), additionally he found a Trap while exploring and the Harlot did a stand up job of disarming it to find 5 gold.  Kiya then found a 'Blessed Glade' and a Charmstone along with his win.

We then broke out Formula D and did a 2 car team, 2 lap race on the Sebring track.  That took a bit longer then normal given that we had to track two cars each, but it wasn't too bad.  Paul had a large lead, but crashed his lead car leaving me in first place, with Eric pretty far behind in second.  Eric crashed his rear car on a bad roll around a corner.  I finished in first, with second place in debate.  Paul's second car crashed coming out of the corner, in sight of the finish line while Eric and I battled the final corner, neither of us with break or tires to spare.  I timed out the roll nicely allowing me to accelerate in 4th gear out of the corner and putting me just ahead.  Fun game.

It was a fun day of gaming.

12 hours?  Pish, give me 20!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign


We had the first night of our Song of Heroes and Blades campaign on Thursday Night. We had six folks commit so far, with two being unavailable due to work and family.

Attending Current Warbands:
Me – Victor’s Folly – Disposed Noble, Victor, his loyal retinue, remaining house guard, and hounds
Steve – Imperious Gladiator – Hunk-Ra and his savage Gladiators break free and fighting for their futures
Bill – Thieves Guild – Gnome Sharpshooter leading Wererat and trained large rat thieves
Bob – Sir Raymond’s Crusade – Mounted Sir Raymond with his knights and warriors

First round

Victor’s Folly vs. Sir Raymond’s Crusade fighting over Difficult Ground on a standard battle field. The game was going well, with first blood going to Sneaky LeRoy throwing one of his poison grenades and a walking knight. We got into a good scrum with him taking out my hounds and me taking out a mix of knights and warriors. As is often in SBH, when things start to fall apart they do so quickly. Bob hit the testing zone and soon found him taking multiple morale tests which saw his gang fall back which allowed me to get a few free hacks. Sir Raymond made a bad judgment and tried to turn the battle, only to come a bit short. The reminder of his warriors opted to leave the field. Post battle, Victor lost Magnus the Hound and found a cursed glade which his already hurting hound, Argus, suffered more indignity. Sir Raymond’s luck fared little better having lost his only mounted knight and a few minor injuries…

Imperious Gladiator Vs. Thieves Guild with the Gladiator’s having to Break Through the border town held by the Thieves. I only caught the tail end of the game, but it appeared that lots of punishing mayhem with plenty of bad dice rolls. Bill lost several Wererats to gruesome kill melee checks as they ran off the near side of the board. The battle ended with the Gnome deciding that his pride and noble nature had been satisfied when the last of the large rats were dispatched by one of the two remaining Gladiators. Post battle, Hunk-ra needed emergency surgery that cost all the gold he just earned and had one of the speed gladiators loose his life for his brothers while his twin took a -2 to quality for a game. The Gnome rallied his troops, but lost a Wererat (I think), but was lucky enough to find a Watchtower that was abandoned in their swamp.

Second round

Imperious Gladiator vs. Victor’s Folly with Victor trying to secure the bounty on Hunk-ra (Assassination) in the forest lands. Steve was pretty depleted, despite the win and couldn’t replenish his force. He opted to hide in the woods to let Victor track him down. Victor’s house guards, backed up by Bobbie the Ogrun engaged Maximus, but failed to do any significant damage. Hunk-ra, then berserkered his way up to Bobbie and swinging twice only knocking himself down on the second blow. Bobbie and Marco, Master of the Guard, took turns hitting Hunk-ra to finally capture the bounty. Post battle, Victor found a wandering begger and gave him a gold coin to receive a ‘thank you’in return. Shessh. Hunk-ra survived the battle this time and found a watch tower.

Thieves Guild vs. Sir Raymond’s Crusade fought an assassination as well in the scrub lands. Bill’s Gnome was hunting Sir Raymond, but couldn’t get a good activation. One glance I look over and Bill was down to three figs while Bob had most of his moving forward. Next thing I know the Gnome plugs Sir Raymond with a crossbow and game over. Post battle, the Gnome found an Alehouse while losing one of the Wererats (I think), meanwhile Sir Raymond found a ‘charm stone’ for a re-roll.

Next official instalment is June 3rd, but with Paul an Eric missing out, I’m hoping that they can get a game in on Saturday, plus Mark has shown an interest and is going to work on a force. Hopefully I can get him a learning game in on Saturday night.


Friday, May 14, 2010

One Year Surgery-versay

Next Tuesday is a double decker anniversary.  It is mine and The Other Half's 10.2 anniversary...  10 years together followed by 2 years of marriage and it is my first year following my surgery for Gastric By-Pass.  It has also been over a month at what the Gastric folks cal "Onederland"...  That being your weight starts with a 1 vice a 2 or 3.  In my case I've stabilized at about 196ish + or - 2 pounds any given moment.  

The surgery, with out a doubt, was the single greatest contributor to the weight loss.  For me, I don't think it could have happened any other way.  But...  Here is the tricky point.  In October I was 214.  In that time I have lost ~18 pounds, but my body fat level has gone from +30% to 16%.  For that I give thanks to the 6am morning workouts.  They are hard, constantly varying, and truly enjoyable in a sick and twisted sort of way.  I think I can count on less then one hand the number of workout days that I've missed since October.  Traveling, vacation, work, training...  Doesn't matter, I'll get them in.  Equipment or no, something can be worked out.  Using the handy-dandy Air Force BodPod, I know that although I have lost 18 pounds of weight, my non-fat weight has gone up almost 17 pounds, which means I've gained 17 pounds of muscle and lost 35 pounds of fat.  

Happy snaps to follow:

Like I said, couldn't have done it without the surgery...  I was just too addicted to all the foods I loved but didn't love me back, but the workouts are what helped re-shape the body afterwards.  I won't be posting weight stuff here anymore...  Over at the workout side as things progress.  Surgeon thinks I have pretty much leveled off.  He may be right, but I would like to drop another 10 pounds of total weight while gaining some more upper body strength.  My next six month goal is to complete 'Linda' as proscribed.  Better known as three bars of death, it is ten rounds of decreasing sets (10-9-8-7...) of 1.5 times body weight Deadlifts (That would be ~300, my one rep max is 280ish), body weight Bench Press (200, but have no idea on the Bench as we don't do it very often), and .75 power cleans (150 while I currently am working out around 95...) so lots of room for growth!

Thanks to everyone that has been supported, it means a lot!

We now return you to your normally schedule geeky stuff! :)

Keep on truckin'

Monday, May 10, 2010

Games and Movie...


Saturday night Paul and Eric came over and we played three rounds of SBH.  First was Eric's list versus my Victor's Folly.  The scenario was chance encounter where each player deploy's his enemy's force one at a time, no closer then one 'Long' from an enemy figure.  It started strong for me getting two kills early on and trying to consolidate my position...  Then it all went down hill failing multiple early activations.  Eric held it together and used the 'Distraction' from the harlot to transfix my Bobbie the Ogrun and take him out of the game.

Paul and Eric played a game of control points.  Half way through I thought Eric had it won, but before you could shake your head and say 'WHHHAAATT', the Paul's Menoth had cleared the field.  The third game was Assassination, with me having to kill Paul's leader.  Well...  That didn't happen as Paul's force pretty much slaughtered me to a man before I could get to his head honcho!

We then played a road race game of Formula D in Chicago.  Two laps, lots of twists and turns.  Eric was behind most of the race, but pulled ahead in the last three turns.  Paul came in second and I did a slow putter in for third.

The gang is gearing up for a SBH league.  We started on earlier, but know that all the main participants have a game under there belt, we are set to re-boot with a few others added in.

On Sunday, Eric and I hit Iron Man 2.  I enjoyed the movie.  It wasn't quite as good as the first Iron Man, but I think some of that was the 'newness' of the whole thing last time.  The Avenger's ties were pretty strong and Scarlett Johanson's Black Widow combat scenes were pretty darn cool.  It was a great intro into the summer movie season and I would recommend the show to any comic book/action flick fans.  I give it 6 out of 7 Arc Reactors.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday Game Day

The local convention, Nuke Con, hosted a Games Day at a local high school on Saturday.  I ran several events and had a pretty good, solid day of gaming.

Dominion - Had two games with three different students.  They caught on to the game quickly and we had a good time as I hadn't seen a few of the cards we used in play.  Namely the Witch, whom I have been cursed now several times, and the Gardens, which is what helped me to win the first round.

Pandemic - Again, two games with a set of three students.  We played the base set plus expanded roles on round one and had know issues containing the viruses, having won with a good round or two of cards left to be drawn.  Second game we used the Virulent Epidemics, which made it a bit harder.  We did win, but had to do it on the last draw.

Formula D - Only had two kids on this one.  First race was Monnoco.  One of the kids got over aggressive early and had to sneak around the rest of the track.  Second race was Race City on  the back with me crashing into the wall, leaving one of the kids to finish in first.

Song of Blades and Heroes - Steve and Paul showed up around 430ish and we played two games of three way battles of SBH.  It worked out pretty well as a whole.  The first game was to capture the 'Ring of Power' in the center of the table.  Eric and I met in the center early and bashed heads, with my leader grabbing the coin and falling back.  Following the gruesome kill on Bobbie the Ogrun, Victor did some fleeing, dropping the ring.  Paul's Paladin leader steps up and snags the ring and heads towards the deployment safe zone.   Solid win for Paul.  Game two was a king of the hill type scenario.  I switched to a dwarf list and Paul made a small adjustment to his leader.  Paul jumped to a big lead holding the hill due to bad activation roles by both Eric and I.  It was a big bloody mess, with Eric whittled down to Zarzathor, his Dragonborn Leader, left on the table, a few of Paul's Paladin friends, but the leader being gone, and I was down to my Dwarf Lord and a Thunder Gunner.  Some how, the Dwarf Lord stood the longest on the hill, but Paul's force took the day with the most victory points.

Good times.

Really looking forward to the SBH league on our alternating Thursday.  Bill and Bob may be joining in too, which would be cool as they have been playing for some time.