Monday, May 10, 2010

Games and Movie...


Saturday night Paul and Eric came over and we played three rounds of SBH.  First was Eric's list versus my Victor's Folly.  The scenario was chance encounter where each player deploy's his enemy's force one at a time, no closer then one 'Long' from an enemy figure.  It started strong for me getting two kills early on and trying to consolidate my position...  Then it all went down hill failing multiple early activations.  Eric held it together and used the 'Distraction' from the harlot to transfix my Bobbie the Ogrun and take him out of the game.

Paul and Eric played a game of control points.  Half way through I thought Eric had it won, but before you could shake your head and say 'WHHHAAATT', the Paul's Menoth had cleared the field.  The third game was Assassination, with me having to kill Paul's leader.  Well...  That didn't happen as Paul's force pretty much slaughtered me to a man before I could get to his head honcho!

We then played a road race game of Formula D in Chicago.  Two laps, lots of twists and turns.  Eric was behind most of the race, but pulled ahead in the last three turns.  Paul came in second and I did a slow putter in for third.

The gang is gearing up for a SBH league.  We started on earlier, but know that all the main participants have a game under there belt, we are set to re-boot with a few others added in.

On Sunday, Eric and I hit Iron Man 2.  I enjoyed the movie.  It wasn't quite as good as the first Iron Man, but I think some of that was the 'newness' of the whole thing last time.  The Avenger's ties were pretty strong and Scarlett Johanson's Black Widow combat scenes were pretty darn cool.  It was a great intro into the summer movie season and I would recommend the show to any comic book/action flick fans.  I give it 6 out of 7 Arc Reactors.


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Adam said...

I rather liked the nods to some of the other superheros of the Marvel universe.