Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Saturday of Gaming

As The Other Half is wont to ask, "Isn't 12 hours of gaming enough"...  It is a rhetorical question I am sure, because I think she knows the answer...

It started out with a Warmachine tournament that Adam ran.  35 point steam roller with 8 players.  First round I was matched up with Wayne playing Cryx and Montenabra in a Kill Box scenerio.  Wayne played it very well, and I left an unseen charge lane to eButch for the Deathjack (Overun for the win) which left him dead.  Quick and deadly, not how I expected the game.

Round two was versus Tony and eFeorra.  Tony went on a assassination run, letting it all hang out, but ended with three points shy.  Lola to face for the win.  Statistically, on average rolls Tony should have had the win on that one, but his dice crapped out on him

Round three was versus Lincoln Alex and Aspy.  A little more involved game, but I I kept missing a stupid Deathripper needing sixes and accidentally killed my own berserker.  This left a free line for the slayer to combo strike eButch to shreads.

I ended 1-2, but Adam ran a solid event and I had a good time, even if I was getting a bit brain dead doing basic  math.

Eric and I went to grab a bite to eat at a new Mexican place called Antojitos.  No website, but here are the two reviews posted.  It was really pretty good food for a little hole in the wall.  Recommend the trip for lunch or dinner.  I'll be hitting more often for Tuesday night dinners before heading to the shoppe!

After dinner Eric and Paul got their first campaign game in for Song of Blade and Heroes.  They ran an Assassination game (again!) in the Hill Lands with Paul's Wolves of Orboros lead by Kiya and other druids hunting down Eric's Ex-King Vinter and his magical revenge tour.  (Ok...  I made that last bit up!)  Vinter refused to be bullied by the dirty hippies and moved his forces out to confront the enemy that would dare to 'hunt' him down.  That didn't work so well.  Paul took Vinter out which ended the game.  Eric had lost Vinter and two of his Halberdars.  The  halberdars will miss a game each, while Vinter picked up Hatred of Dirty Hippies (Wolves specifically), additionally he found a Trap while exploring and the Harlot did a stand up job of disarming it to find 5 gold.  Kiya then found a 'Blessed Glade' and a Charmstone along with his win.

We then broke out Formula D and did a 2 car team, 2 lap race on the Sebring track.  That took a bit longer then normal given that we had to track two cars each, but it wasn't too bad.  Paul had a large lead, but crashed his lead car leaving me in first place, with Eric pretty far behind in second.  Eric crashed his rear car on a bad roll around a corner.  I finished in first, with second place in debate.  Paul's second car crashed coming out of the corner, in sight of the finish line while Eric and I battled the final corner, neither of us with break or tires to spare.  I timed out the roll nicely allowing me to accelerate in 4th gear out of the corner and putting me just ahead.  Fun game.

It was a fun day of gaming.

12 hours?  Pish, give me 20!


Adam said...

Yeah, you seemed a ittle fried at the end there.

So I was looking through the SBH handbook and waas wondering: Do you construct your own statted characters or do you use the builds listed in the apendix?

Paul said...

Adam, you can build your own with this useful online tool they have at:

The only thing is that the abilities that are highlighted in Green are from a book we don't have, Song of Arthur & Merlin.

JP's Geek Life said...


Like Paul said, the main ganesha games site has a builder that we are all using to construct our teams.

If you want a demo game sometime, let me know.


Adam said...

I definitely do, I was just getting hung up on the building part. I'll get a band together so I can start getting hung up on the playing part. You guys are doing 300 POints correct?