Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday Game Day

The local convention, Nuke Con, hosted a Games Day at a local high school on Saturday.  I ran several events and had a pretty good, solid day of gaming.

Dominion - Had two games with three different students.  They caught on to the game quickly and we had a good time as I hadn't seen a few of the cards we used in play.  Namely the Witch, whom I have been cursed now several times, and the Gardens, which is what helped me to win the first round.

Pandemic - Again, two games with a set of three students.  We played the base set plus expanded roles on round one and had know issues containing the viruses, having won with a good round or two of cards left to be drawn.  Second game we used the Virulent Epidemics, which made it a bit harder.  We did win, but had to do it on the last draw.

Formula D - Only had two kids on this one.  First race was Monnoco.  One of the kids got over aggressive early and had to sneak around the rest of the track.  Second race was Race City on  the back with me crashing into the wall, leaving one of the kids to finish in first.

Song of Blades and Heroes - Steve and Paul showed up around 430ish and we played two games of three way battles of SBH.  It worked out pretty well as a whole.  The first game was to capture the 'Ring of Power' in the center of the table.  Eric and I met in the center early and bashed heads, with my leader grabbing the coin and falling back.  Following the gruesome kill on Bobbie the Ogrun, Victor did some fleeing, dropping the ring.  Paul's Paladin leader steps up and snags the ring and heads towards the deployment safe zone.   Solid win for Paul.  Game two was a king of the hill type scenario.  I switched to a dwarf list and Paul made a small adjustment to his leader.  Paul jumped to a big lead holding the hill due to bad activation roles by both Eric and I.  It was a big bloody mess, with Eric whittled down to Zarzathor, his Dragonborn Leader, left on the table, a few of Paul's Paladin friends, but the leader being gone, and I was down to my Dwarf Lord and a Thunder Gunner.  Some how, the Dwarf Lord stood the longest on the hill, but Paul's force took the day with the most victory points.

Good times.

Really looking forward to the SBH league on our alternating Thursday.  Bill and Bob may be joining in too, which would be cool as they have been playing for some time.



Zarzthor said...

Those activation rolls are just killer to getting plans to work out.

I did like the Zarzthor list I came up with. I decided to tweak it a little mixing some of the ideas Steve and I had for my undead list. Hopefully it will work out as the only thing staying the same is my leader. It still seems to be a pretty solid list. Next game will tell I guess.

Adam said...

I wanted to come down for the Formula D Racing, but as Tony showed up I decided to get him another League game.

It worked out though. A couple of bombards, and some lucky rolls got me a win against Feora, AFTER her feat turn.

JP's Geek Life said...

Eric - Yes stupid activation rolls! I likd the Zarzthor list as well. Pretty solid. Interested to see what you do to him for the camaign.

Adam - No worries. Would have been nice to have an extra racer and show you the SBH too! :)