Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, that was interesting.  Here is the time table the day of the Surgery:
  • Up at 0500 to shower with the antibacterial soap
  • At hospital at 0630 to check-in
  • Back to do all the pre-op stuff around 645ish.  Took good care of me.  IV in the right arm, Q&A with Dr. White and his PA.  The Other Half tried to distract me with a discussion on the pros and cons of Pikard vs. Kirk.  I laughed because she really doesn't care, just wanted to make me to lighten up.
  • Next thing I remember is waking up in recovery room and being in some pain around 1200.  They want you to provide a perceived pain level, I kept wanting to tell them details.  :)  Didn't go over well.  Pain early on was pretty high (7-8), but glorious morphine was injected and that helped.
  • Wheeled up to my room about 1300 or so.  New bed, a bit of movement in the bed, catheter sticking out of my wee-wee.  Heart monitor, O2 monitor, IV, Leg crunchers that look like a flight suit to help with the blood cots.  Wires galore!  Also have to do breath exercises blowing in through a tube.  I referenced "The Right Stuff" but the kid of a tech didn't get it. (See the 4:06 Mark)
  • Other Half took off around 1630.  She hung in there like a trooper.  THANKS HONEY!  I really appreciate her support for this effort.  It is going to be a big change for her too.
  • Stood for the first time about 1700 and walked a little around 1800.
  • Had an on going battle with the O2 level machine as every time I started to snooze, it would alarm because I wasn't breathing deep enough, but they were able to get an O2 tap in the CPAP.
  • I got Ding Dong Ditched at 1015 or so after I turned in!  Heard some giggling then my door threw open and someone ran.  Called the nurse once I tried to figure out the call button...  That was weird.  
  • I was on a 4 hour vital cycle to I was up at midnight and 4pm for blood pressure, temp, sugar levels and pain meds.
  • At 2am the Leg Suit thing had come unplugged and had run out of battery juice and started beeping.
  • At 330 am the IV ran out of juice and had to be replaced.  I just stayed up until 4ish flicking channels
  • Crashed after the vitals and slept pretty good until 730 or 800
Today I was feeling much, much better.  I've had my leak test (drink radioactive goo that is digitally x-rayed.  Pretty cool), Spoke with Surgeon and the house doctor and they see things as going well.  I also walked twice, took a shower, got the damn catheter out (Yippee!), get to wear underwear with the gown now that the catheter is gone...  And now updating my blog for the giggles of it.  I'll most likely crash soon as I am starting to get pretty tired.

Also another shot out to The Other Half.  Yesterday was also our 1.1 anversery.  For those not in the know we had completed our first two five-year extensions for our dating lives and got married last year...  So, 1.1.  I told her she could get a new ring for 2.0!

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Adam said...

Glad to hear everything is panning out. I know all about that pain level (Bergan had a chart on the wall with corresponding smiley/frowny faces). But then, as you said, glorious morphine :P.

Take it easy John!

JP's RPG Blog said...

Thanks Dude. They changed my pain meds to another type that you drink. It cuts into my precious water in take as I can't have both in an hour. But, it is suppose to last an hour. Biggest pain I have now is the open drain on my left and the gas. They filled my stomach up with gas to see better and it is trying to escape. I've been belching fine, no farts... I asked for the proper medical term and the nurse just laughed at and told me to call it farts.


Zarzthor said...

Good to hear things are going well.

Take it easy on the morphine, with all the gaming stuff I don't think you can afford another addiction :)

JP's RPG Blog said...


I was only using Morphine for about 24 hrs and the time I didn't get it instead of the new med, I got a headache. Stuff is wicked. I'm not going to use it any more unless I really need to!