Friday, May 8, 2009


So it begins in earnest…

I'll be blunt with you.  I'm at 318 pounds.  It may have creeped higher, but I have no proof, but today at the gym, I stepped on the scale it said 317.6…  Close enough to 318, so I am calling my official high weight.

Today I start the pre-surgery liquid diet and knowing that I woke up starved.  I usually don't so I'm pretty sure it is all mental at this point.  The liquid diet does three things.  Most importantly it reduces the amount of complex carbs (Sugar) that helps shrink the liver closer to a standard size which allows the surgeon some room to work, it helps loose a little weight as any lost weight will help with recovery, and finally helps prep the person to change their life style habits.  I can honestly say I think I'm ready for this portion.  I've been a bit over the top lately on chow so I think this will be a good break…  But I reserve the right to be cranky.

Today's meal plan will consist of No Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast, Low Carb Slimfast, Sugar-Free Jell-O, Sugar-Free Yogurt, Sugar-Free Pudding, and some crystal light. See any patterns? :)  Tonight I'll have soup, most likely tomato or some other cream soup.

I started prepping a few weeks ago, right about the time The Eldest started work, going to the gym.  I've only been walking, but I've increased the time so I'm walking about 50 minutes a morning.  I should crank up the speed, but pshew…  At least I'm out for now.

With all this preparation, I went a bit overboard yesterday on the food.  Lunch we went to Stella's Hamburgers in Bellevue.  MMMmmm…  I actually got to go to the original Stella's before the re-hab once.  I can honestly say that the re-hab was well worth it.  Very good hamburgers, very messy, full of toppings.  Since I was going overboard I had mine with a fried egg and bacon and a side of fresh cut fries.  MMmm…  Dinner The Eldest and I went to Genji Japanese Steak House.  I again, went a bit overboard having the Filet, Scallops, and Shrimp. (Once again, I'll interject…  See any patterns?)  The show was entertaining and the food was good.  Our table partners were odd.  The Eldest and I both thought it was some sort of Cougar/boy toy thing going on, but ended up being a mom and son thing.  It was just a bit creepy.  On the way home I picked up an Icee from the gas station.  I love the frozen coke…  It will be missed as it is just too high in sugar to process post surgery…  Oh well.

Well…  I've got to get back to the mines.  I'll update later on the progress.  Keep rolling those bones…

and counting...

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