Friday, May 22, 2009

T+4... On the mend...

Friday is my second full day at home.  Yesterday was an exercise in patience as walking only three houses down seems to make me want to take naps.  They said the energy levels would be way down from the surgery, but wow...  It doesn't take crap to knock me out.

The Other Half and I have been going rounds too.  She thinks it is the narcotic pain meds, and she may be right...  At least that is the excuse we are going to use.  Today I am switching to liquid Tylenol to help keep my head a bit clearer.

Just finished watching Wanted from Netflix.  It was an OK movie, lots of action.  Yesterday was Forbidden Kingdom which was less of an OK movie as it had some real odd bits to it.  Next up is The Good Shepard which is suppose to be a good CIA flick and Burn After Reading which is a silly CIA flick.  Hmmm....  After that in the queue is the British Series Spaced with Simon Pegg.  Suppose to be a pulp culture send up with lots of sci-fi references.  Should be good.  

In gaming news...  I've got nothing. :(  Going through withdrawals! :)  A bit of stuff on the CPU (Civilization/Spider Solitaire), but not much more.  I might break out Race for the Galaxy later if I up for it.

I'm getting better!


Warjack Prime said...

Good to hear things are going well. Speaking of movies, Shanna and I saw Angles & Demons last night and it was really good. It was actually much better than Star Trek and Terminator Salvation which we saw today. Star Trek was really good and Terminator wasn't that great.

So are you renting brom Blockbuster or Netflix or watching On Demand movies?

JP's RPG Blog said...

Hey Phillip,

The Other Half and I dropped our cable to the most basic tier a few months ago and picked up Netflix with the two movie option. It has worked well for us, especially since she can't get hooked on 'Flavor of Love 27'! :)

I may sneak out for a movie tomorrow or Sunday. Haven't decided if it was going to be Terminator or X-Men, but I'll consider A&D.


Warjack Prime said...

Ok I just read through most of your blog and I see you use Netflix. That's cool. Shanna and I use Blockbuster online. I'm actually glad the new TV season is over so we can actually watch the movies that come in the mail now.

I see you are a Lost fan. We love that show. We've seen every episode and can't wait to see how it all ends. Next season is it! I'm glad Lost has a defined time line and doesn't drag on. That killed X-Files for me. I feel like we're finally getting some answers.

As far as quality movies go A&D was better than X-Men or Terminator. That being said I think if you're a fan of either you must see them.

Wolverine has always been my favorite comic book character. Growing up I actually had every issue of the Wolverine series. I think I stopped collecting around issue 75, which I think was about when they introduced the concept of his claws being bone. Still, I'd say the first X-Men was better. Being that this one was a prequel they were limited in how they could end it and I really wasn't satisfied.

On the Terminator front, I was actually quite disappointed. This one didn't have that same sense of urgency the other two had (3 sucked). The first two had that relentless when is this thing going to stop fast paced action whereas this new one felt like there wasn't really a defined villian. You'll see what I mean if you watch it.

For special effects Star Trek kicked all their asses. Having seen all the movies growing up and perhaps because my dad was such a fan and recently deceased it was a little emotional for me to see how the characters all met. I think my dad would have liked it (except for the Uhura/Spock thing WTF?)

Surprisingly I liked A&D most though, and I didn't really care for The Davinci Code. It was an interesting story and actually quite action packed.