Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pax Calixis, or how I stopped worrying and learned to kill a green skin…

Hello Gang,

Last Saturday we got together as a group with all in attendance and continued our little Dark Hersey one shot adventure… Which seems to have grown into a campaign. Which is cool, because everyone seems to be having a good time.

When we last left our humble group of acolytes they had just vanquished the demon from the cathedral thanks to some quick thinking by Dar, the guardsman. Now on to the real fun stuff. Clean up duty!

With the camp in shambles, they party decided to split up and do the work. Klightus, Dar, and Raltus returned to Port Suffering to get help with the most sever of the wounded. Talon, Frak, and Thadius stayed to help the wounded, take names, and do a bit of searching.

Team Suffering made it to town, only loosing a few of the injured, dropped the rest off at the Alms and headed to wake up the local astropath to get a message out. Well, the local arbiter had some words and Klightus was forced to drop his =][= credentials on the table. That got things moving. Klightus got the following on the psychic radio:

“Inquisitor Varrack,
Temple at Stern Hope compromised by warp incursion. Artimus compromised and KIA. Situation contained at present. Local arbiters ordered by Inquisitional authority to assist with quarantine of temple. Request Instructions."
With the way psychic radio works, who knows how it went out.

Anyways, Team Suffering heads out with 4/5 of the arbiter contingent on the planet (that would be four of the five stationed here), their chimera and a few other odds and ends to get back to Stern Hope.

In the mean time, Team Hope does some searching and finds the Abbott’s diary, Artimus’ Rosetta, and some cash. Frak takes the opportunity to run a scam on the locals and gains a little extra change too.

Both teams unite and clean up for the report and head back to town. Wait a few weeks and get a response from Inquisitor Varrack.

“Collect data/artifacts. Transport via Pax Sector (?). Return to Scintillia. Pay codes authorized. Varrak Sends”
Two weeks later and Pax Calixis enters orbit. Transport has arrived. The acolytes are treated warmly even have dinner with the Captain Ramirez who tells them stories of the time he and Varrak use to run together. Nice thing on Pax is it is a factory ship as well as a charterist. A few mono weapons are purchased as well as some other upgrades.

Some odds and ins...
  • Thadius trys to read the abbott's diary and near the end takes a bit of corruption.
  • Raltus pulls an R2-D2 and tries to log onto the ships data net and gets a rude shock
  • Dar finally gets his mono edge axe
A few weeks into the trip and ‘BANG’ the Geller Field drops them out of the warp. Half hour later the players are called to the bridge. Ork assault boats are in route and the team is needed to help supplement the ships security. Oh, and have some armor and a few grenades.

Big fight one:

The Boyz are dropping through the hull and the team is frantic to take them out. Frak gets grenade happy and does some great damage but also hits Dar and throws him out of the combat… Which worked out well cause he was getting pretty beat up. When the ‘Ard Boyz drop in with the Big Shootas the bullets start to fly in earnest, because they sure were not hitting anything! Team takes some good damage, fight it hard to the end before dropping the last of the Boyz. Then a comm link comes in. [Bridge under attack, please hurry]. The players race to the bridge doors in time to see the other ork crew kill off the last security teams holding the door.

Big fight two:

More bloody action. Dar takes a nasty critical and looses all the fingers on one of his hands. Everyone else gets pretty bloody. Thadius sucks with his new stun saber… Just plain sucks… Kid has got to get more skills! :-)

It hits 1215ish, fight is over, and I’m late getting home. So we wrap it up with the follow on to come on Saturday.


Inquisitor Varrak's representative in Omaha

p.s. I hope to have Pax Calxis posted over to the Dark Reign site soon.

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