Sunday, June 29, 2008

House Rules...

So, last night I tried two house rules in the game.

In short these are:

1) Fate could be re-gen once per encounter vice per session
2) What is affectionately known as the Mooks rule

In the session we had two encounters. In retrospect, it should have been a single encounter given the nature of the crisis, but since I wanted to test out the fate mechanic, I let slide. Things I learned and will modify.

- When last bad guy drops, the encounter is over, no spending any unused Fate to gain HP back. I may allow one more 'round' to allow players to spend 1 Fate to get back the 1D5. I did allow folks to use two at the end, and then regen. I think that was a bit excessive in the acolytes favor.

- I already stated. Make sure your encounters are truly separate. In this one the acolytes went from one battle to another with no down time since they ran over to the bridge to save the day. I might make it a '30 min game time rule'...

Mooks. By and large I was happy with this set up. I explain how it went here: I like the cinematic approach with hordes of bad guys and the Mook rule actually help achieve that. I ran it straight 40K style, I would have been limited to 1 'Ard Boy and maybe 4-6 'Boyz with a six person, well kitted, team.




Paul said...

I liked your idea of the "Mook" rule. It gave the 40k feel of the seemingly never ending greenskin horde which would have slaughtered us for sure if you stuck to using the standard DH stats for them. We wouldn't have been able to do enough damage fast enough before they would have taken us down, especially when the "grenade freak" was doing such a great job aiding the enemy.

Ellros said...

I agree with Paul. Although I wonder if "special villians" like maybe those boss orks should use regular stats?

Paul said...

The mook rule John is basing his idea from as posted on FFG's forum did say that boss villans should have regular stats. But there wasn't any true boss villans in these two encounters, just orks with a couple 'ard boyz thrown in.

JP's RPG Blog said...

Hey Guys,

Yes the 'Ard Boyz were 'suppose' to be the Boss level. They really weren't ubber tough to be honest.

I think over all the experiement went well. I expect that I might try a few less mooks and a bit tougher boss for the next 'big hoard' encounter. :)


Paul said...

Oh joy.

JP, did you see the discussion about the Gunslinger on FFG's forums?

JP's RPG Blog said...

I did. Not sure I agree that the Gunslingers is disadvantage. Of course, the are all using the scum template and we used the assassian. Not sure if that made a difference. Plus the guy was trying to play it as a long range assassin vice an 'in your face' type that your running.


Paul said...

Well, I don't think I intended to be the in your face type of assasin or gunslinger for that manner. But I figure I'd better hold up my part of the front line until the arbites and scum-chucker decide how they're going to partake in combat.

Rob and I have been talking about how feasible it is to do a dual attack mode skill set (melee and pistol) vs single attack mode skill set ( either melee or just pistols alone ). Rob believes you have to decide up front with singular path to follow to be effective with a good solid skill set. I'm not sure that dual attack mode skill set couldn't work, but would really cut into some other skills that would be very useful in or out of combat.

JP's RPG Blog said...

I'm not too sure it will hurt in the long run. If you look at the break out. Skills are still costing in the 100-200 point range. Your going to have a lot of XP to burn to get through all that. You should be able to pick up the Two Melee and Two Pistol traits as well as some of the other specific items to help bolster the rolls.

Time will tell.