Monday, June 23, 2008

Chapter One – I’m part of what?

We had all six players present for our first go. The characters are listed below in the previous post.

The party started by gaining introductions while traveling in ‘The Brazen Sky’ following Inquisitor Varrak's hasty introductions. The briefing reveled the players new they were to meet Artimous (Arty) at Port Suffering on the planet of Iocanthos. Arrival on the planet was meet by imperial officials then followed up by a cherub that escorted them through town to meet Artimous. While trying to keep up with the flying dead mechanical baby angle (yes it is a disturbed game), the party encountered a crazy man in an alley (where else) that kept chanting about the ‘crow father’ is coming. When the party tried to grab the old geezer to calm him down, his clan members came out of the wood work to support the old guy. A knife fight followed a gun fight followed by the local constables coming to finish things up.

The team, not wanting to reveal who they were, opted to go to jail. Artimous quickly came to bail them out and scolded them for disrespecting the high inquisition by engaging in common thug like activity. Artimous briefed the party on the upcoming consecration of the cathedral out in the boonies… And how it is being haunted… The abbot in charge Abbot Skae sent word to the inquisition for help, hence the parties involvement. Artimous is visibly a Imperial Psyker and is playing with a deck of Tarot cards that he said were recently gifted to him. Oh, and another kicker, his great, great, great, great, great, great, grand dad is the saint that the cathedral is being commissioned too. Key ominous music!

The party moves out to Stern Hope via ground transport… What’s that, nobody took ground transport… The sole IG took swimming despite the desert environment? Hmmm… Go slow boys, go slow!

Two minor happenings in route to the cathedral. A ‘walking dead’ crumbles by the fire scaring Feral IG guy and the witness a disappearing act with a strange symbol that could be either interpreted as an eagle holding a skull (Artimus) or a crow picking at a skull (everybody else). The party arrives and meets the gang at Stern Hope, well almost. They meet Brother Severous, mean guy with axe, and Brother Lemark, nice guy with lasgun and uplifting primer. The party does some digging around before calling a night and hears a few wild tales. Next morning they meet the abbot and don’t gleam much out except he is very excited about the ceremony on the next day. Party decides to take a trek up the mountain facing with Brother Lemark to see if they can find the mystery lights everyone has been talking about, but instead find a large mutated chaos frog. At least that is what we think it was. It was called a Hexalid, but it didn’t have a description except for a ‘barbed tongue’ so the ‘Mutant Chaos Frog’ stuck. Well, said frog has Fear 1. So, being the good new DH GM yell out, “Fear checks please” followed by groans across the table. Every member sans the Tech Priest fails the test… And not by a point or two, but by 4 or 5 degrees… So I have ½ party heading towards the cliff running away, one guy throwing up all over himself for five turns and one that faints out dead away. Tech priest did his best to hold it together until the runners got their senses back.

So that is about it for the first session. I’ll follow up with the second half soon.

Inquisitor Varrak's representative in Omaha

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