Wednesday, October 22, 2008



We departed Bellevue around 0430 and spent the next six hours or so on the road to Springfield MO. We had 12 total in four cars. Three from Lincoln, nine from Omaha. We arrived in time to sign up and get prepped for the first event, a 350 Mangled Metal/Tooth & Claw. It was a good ice breaker, but Carl (our gracious host) admitted he was surprised by the 40+ arrivals for the first event. The second event was a 350 'No Jacks' tournament. I had a massive head ache so Smitty and I took off to check into the hotel. I won't give the name of the hotel, because it doesn't deserve the advertisement. It was a stink hole. One of the three rooms was unmade and I specifically asked for non smoking and I got a two ashtray minimum. Bbbbfffftttt on them!

Anyways, I digress... I ran a 4e IK event at 830 that night that rapped up around midnight. Good time by the guys, although it did start to get a little silly near the end. I know I officially lost control when the party was fighting the Farrow warband and they started singing the Hulu song from Lion King.

After I finished the IK event, the guys were still a round away from the 750 point tournament being finished. Yes... Some of them had been up since 330am and were playing their 3rd tournament after riding six plus hours. That is hard core gentlemen.

After a late night we had an early morning with breakfast at the craptacular hotel. I decied to play in the 1000 point event. I ran a Monty and Dirty D list. I went 2-2 when they dropped the folks playing and leaving only the two undefeated. I had a great game on most fronts. I even had a good game against a guy that others had an issue. It was at the end, so we were both out of contention. I won the game with only Deneghra left on the table. The non 1K players played two 500 point tournaments, one for WARMACHINE and one for HORDES. The last event for Saturday was a 350 Hardcore. Hardcore is fully painted, 3 minute rounds. I had enough and a few of us went to get some BBQ for dinner.

Sunday had two tournaments. One was a 500 point and the other 750. I think we all opted for the 500 as we were getting pretty tired. It was a good event, I switched to Cygnar, but didn't fare so well. My one trick pony Sniped Mule with Cain list never really did the job. My only game came with Haley melee list.

We finished up the awards around 515pm and hit the road. I got home and into bed around 1230, up at 540ish to go to work. I'm still pretty tired!

Everyone seemed to have a good time. Only complaints were minor by and large.

Not sure I remember it all, but here are the highlights...
  • Hooker took 2nd in the 1000 event.
  • Tyler (Lincoln) took the Hordes 500 (I think)
  • Phillip took 3rd in the Firday 350 MM/TC
  • A few guys were tied with undeated on the 350 'No Jacks'
  • Sam won a random army draw for the Hordes event (I think)
  • Dan won a random army draw for the last event of the Sunday
  • Joe tied for overall, but lost out in the tie breaker (He won last year!)
Overall not to shabby!

Everyone is looking forward to next year, I am considering a 15 PAX van this time and maybe getting a suite to pack everyone into.

Here are some random quotes, most of them came from Dan if I am not mistaken...

"Is burger time up yet?"
"WTF! No waffles at Waffle House!"
"... ... " - My lack of response to a question that I feel asleep listening to

That is the big parts! I'll post more later as it comes to me.

Bringing WARMACHINE to the unclean masses

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