Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monsterpocalypse Launch Ho!

On Tuesday we ran the Monsterpocalypse launch event. We modified it a bit to run a starter only event, but could have easily run a full event with a few unit boxes as every one picked up the that much stuff anyways! We had a good time with the rules questions getting answered on their own pretty well. First place went to Heff... Go figure! :) Second was a four way tie, I gave the second place mega to Chase as he did take a bit of a unfair pull on some damage early and he had the Cthulx fig that was being offered. The last won went to Smitty in a roll off of power dice.

Look for more Monsterpocalypse action on Tuesdays. We will run a 'sealed unit' event in a few weeks. Bring your own monster and buy two unit boxes. Open one pass to the right until it is empty. Open second, pass to the left, until it is empty. Gives everyone a chance to pull the unit they want.

Heading out for Springfield, MO for WARMACHINE Weekend on Friday at zero dark thirty. Looking forward to a lot of games over the weekend and playing folks I rarely get a chance to. I'm running the IK 4e adventure that I FINALLY got finished late last night. Nothing like taking a blind adventure to a con! I'll back brief the weekend next week.

Games? What games?

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