Friday, July 27, 2007

Session One

So... Been a long time since most of us had done any role playing. I really liked the new Saga Edition of Star Wars so I suggested that I run a campaign.

The setting I choose was a year or two post episode three. The Jedi have or are being hunted down with very few surviving. The new Stormtroopers are replacing the clone warriors and the Empire begins to tighten its grip on the galaxy.

Our Cast of Characters:
  • Xander, a young Jedi whose master sent him away on a mission prior to the purge. He finds himself on the run with an unlikely ally...
  • Markel, a clone warrior solider whose programming didn't follow the rules. He disobeyed Order 66 and instead protects his Jedi charge.
  • Storm Nebula, a rogue and pilot who spent most of his youth in the space lanes, one step ahead of the law.
  • IG-107, a soldier droid who has out grown his programing and refused to be wiped.

-- Once Character generation was finished we did get started on the first leg of the game...

In sets of two the players were in Botthe's Cantina on Ord Manttle, each pair interested in their own next moves. Markel was quick to notice the elder Senator Threen, out spoken critic of the new Emperor, walk into the cantina in spacer gear and heads towards the man sitting alone at a nearby table. Before he could react, a Quara and a few human thugs stood and killed the Senator's contact. The characters were quick to react. In the ensuing battle, the four heroes eliminated the threat and rescued the Senator and his guard. The Senator told the heroes, "I thank you for your support, I know this will not sound correct, but you better come with me if you want to live. The local enforcement clones will be coming soon. A Jedi and his associates won't last in custody." With that the Senator takes the rag tag group out the side door.

Senator Threen escorts his rescue team to his private quarters and offers them an opportunity. He is in position of a list of abandoned Trade Federation Posts. He has friends that could use the outposts and/or the supplies they hold, but he needs them to be checked to save his 'friends' valuable time. The Senator offers loan his transport to the team and 2000 credits in advance and 2k on return from their first mission.

The players, now full introduced take off for the first base in a abandoned asteroid field. Asteroid Jinathik (Thanks to Roy Ratcliffe since I lifted it from his site to be modified). The heroes encountered multiple old model battle droids and other challenges as they have worked their way halfway through the base.

More to follow...


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