Friday, August 24, 2007

Session Two


We had session two about a month ago. Just taken me a long time to post it out.

The players fought there way to the lower level and entered a large room connected to long tunnel across to the far power station.

A set of droids activated and attacked the players and they were able to fight them off, with some minor injury. After the post fight clean up, Storm hacked a lock on a strange door and the party found a Mon Calamari in deep stasis.

  • Oro - A run away Mon Calamari who improved his natural repair talents for Star Commercial Combine. When the base fell, he used his skills and a dark secret he keeps to stay alive.

The party woke the Mon Calamari up and hauled him up to the med droid on the upper level.

With Oro now a party member (Guest player and NPC), the party engaged still more droids. After arriving at the far end of the service tunnel, they found the bases power station and a evil appearing Security Droid wearing a dark Jedi robe. His 'bodyguard' of other droids attacked as 'Naga Sadow' moved forward to engage with his shock arms.

IG-107 and Markel's skills come forward to help clear the droid army, but not with out taking heavy damage. IG-107 shutdown due to damage while the other players were severely injured. Oro used his computer knowledge and found himself in a battle against an unknown foe to shut down the droid nodes.

At last the final droid fell as Oro shorted the system. Around the corner the scream of an Astro-tech droid could be heard.

Finishing the survey of the base reviled that nothing much remind, other then the physical infrastructure. The party took the R-5 unit as well as the Medical Droid and the GONK unit in the hanger and returned to Ord Mandell.

On the return, they were told the Senator was off planet, but payment was given and a new contract was offered. The party sold the R-5 unit as well as the GONK and went to get a drink to discuss taking the next job.

While at the Cantenia, a bounty hunter spotted something odd and began firing at the Xander and/or Markel. Seeing they were out matched, the players sought escape as clone troopers entered the Cantenia to arrest the wildly firing bounty hunter.

We leave our party as they make there way back to accept the next mission...

Stay tuned for the next update!


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