Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week Summary

Had two gaming events this week.

Tuesday's normal game day at the Game Shoppe had us continue our slow grow league at 35 points.  I had a game with Mike S and his Cryx.  He ran Denegra and I had the Butcher, again.  Solid game, but his assassin run didn't quite get the run it needed and the Butcher was able to apply Lola to face, though it was close call.

Afterwards, Tony brought a friend and we gave him a demonstration of the game.  He has the summer off, so he was looking for a non-WoW hobby.

Saturday, Steve, Eric and I got together and played Rune Wars.  It was a brutal game.  I had the Elves, Steve the Humans, and Eric the undead.  I started very strong, but only had two food and messed up my timing and lost several elves the first two seasons as I expanded.  Eric's undead had a nice enclosed protected area, and Steve looked to be in the tough spot.  However, Steve was able to expand and roll, making great use of his units to clear out my Elven homeland and rolling to a victory in the end.

Paul showed up near the end of Rune Wars and when we wrapped up we played Formula D.  Four car, two lap race in France.  Paul had poll position, then me, Steve, followed by Eric.  Steve stalled on the start and looked to be doomed, but by 1/2 way through the first lap had taken the lead.  It was a cool track allowing 6th gear a few times.  I crashed on the second lap failing to stop once in a two turn corner.  Paul followed shortly afterwards.  This allowed Steve to coast to a first place finish with Eric nursing it into second.

We talked about playing on Thursday nights every other week for Song of Heroes and Blades league.  Hopefully we can get that worked out.

Great night of gaming guys.  Thanks much!


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