Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday Night Gaming

Steve and Susan came over and we had burgers & asparagus for dinner.  The three of us went to the basement and played three games.
- Ticket to Ride Susan hadnt played in a year and she likes train games.  Her and I were pretty close, but she completed two extra tickets which got her the most traveled and the extra routes.  Poor Steve misjudged his train lengths and ended up losing most of his tickets because he couldnt connect the far distant ends.
- Dominion x2 We next played two games of Dominion.  We hadnt played in a few months, so we quickly reviewed and found that we had been making a mistake from the first time, namely not dumping the remainder of your hand after each turn.  That made a huge difference in circulating cards and getting more cards/gold to do stuff with.  The first game was pretty standard but had no attack actions except the witch, but she really didnt come out to play.  The main players were Festivals and Villages giving lots of multiple actions in the game.   I took a pretty aggressive approach to collecting Provinces and it paid off in the end.  The second game we ended up with all the attack actions as well as the moat, which was pretty interesting.  Steve took a Thief route, Susan took a Spy route, while I cornered the Laboratory market.  The Spy/Lab combo worked well for Susan as she slowly cleaned out the Provinces and Duchy cards.   For me the highlight was having five of my six Laboratories in a single turn.  +2 cards, +1 action, followed with a woodcutter for +2 gold and an extra buy.  J
We wrapped up around 830, which was good timing and I got my food and gym stuff packed up before bed.
Gaming?  Yes, gaming

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