Monday, July 12, 2010

Test Play and Ivanhoe

On Saturday night Steve and I gave our new development hobby a test go.  It is a star ship combat version of Song of Blades and Heroes.  It went pretty well for a first test and we found a 1/2 dozen positive changes.  Afterwards Eric, Paul, Suzanne, Steve, and I played two rounds of Ivanhoe. This is a great little deck building game set in a medevil tournament.  As the players you have to win four of the five different tournaments; Jousting, Swords, Axe, Mace, Hand to Hand.  You have special cards that mess with things as you try to build the largest point total during rounds.

Paul had a great come from behind win in the first game and I took the second after four of us had one three tournaments.

Big thanks to Eric for picking up the game!


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