Friday, August 8, 2008

JP Out!

I received and email today from Privateer. Looks like I didn't make the interview cut for the game design position. Much sadness. :( Not unexpected, but I am out. I was glad to make the first cut, only wish they would have gone a bit faster on the selection process. I expect that the 'winner' will be announced just before Gencon. Thanks to those that helped me play test it out.

I've been chatting with TJ, and we might try to put something together for submission to a company like Playroom... Just for S-n-G's. Never hurts. So stand by to be subjected to more play testing!

[Whine]but I want to design games....[/Whine]

1 comment:

Paul said...

You gave it a good run and you've proven twice now that you can design fun, quick play games. It'll only be a matter of time everything clicks and you get someone to see your game design talents.