Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


One of the biggest benefits for being a civil servant is the 'Snow Call' Here I sit, all warm and cozy at home in front of my computer vice being warm and cozy in front of my computer at work. Now, I wish I would have known this before I made the 40+ minute trip to the office so I could go to the gym first only to get the call as I was getting to the gate and having to turn around and drive the 40+ minutes to get back home. Oh well.

Nothing really new on the gaming front. Haven't had the chance to do much since my last FoW game with Paul. The Elder came over to work on some applications and we played four quick games of Giza with me winning the first, her the second, drawing on the third, and her murdering me on the fourth. We then played a quick game of Race for the Galaxy with had me getting a score of 63 points to her 40+. Good game with me building Rebel military plus Imperium bonus cards while she had a lot of the developments that gave you free stuff (cards/vp) for any round.

I broke apart the Grind board game and put together the pieces. It is set up in the basement and I might try a solo round to give the rules a whirl. On Saturday Kyle and I are trying to move the group to a big 'Epic' board game. He has several of the Eagle Games that look pretty cool. The Conquest of the Empire or the Napoleon in Europe could be good ones for a long Saturday night. On Saturday morning four of us are getting together for a four way battle. May even bump it up to 1K all vs. all 20 minute turns for something different and interesting. That would be our own little farewell to MkI event.

More to follow this weekend, in the meantime stay warm and dry!

Waiting to shovel

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