Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh Silent Night

Hey all,

No real gaming news to report. I did play a solo game of Pizza Box Football, which I won 24-21. Go Team!

The bad weather here in the Big O! kept everyone safe indoors as well as it being the holiday weekend, we didn't get a chance to get together to play. I got some Civ IV as well as good old spider solitaire in. The Other Half and I played two rounds or RummiKub and tried a few of Mexican Train (sans the contraption) while listening to Pandora.

We also watched Godfather III. We knew it was suppose to be bad, but I hadn't seen it. Good to get it out of the way finally.

My workout for the day called for bench press, which I don't have, but I chalked up 1 1/2 hours of shoveling show drifts as good enough! :)

Wednesday coming, the Eldest and I are off to see Sherlock Holmes. It has gotten some decent reviews and I'm looking forward to it... Sometime this week I've got to squeeze Avatar into the mix as well.

A brief calm before the new year storm

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