Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recruits in KC

Dan, Adam and I went to the 50 point Steamroller event that Kris put on down at Recruits in KC.  Recruits is a great little con, running a whole $5 for entry, which makes it a pretty good buy on your gaming dollar.  The 3.5 hour drive each way was the only real turn off since we didn't stay for the whole weekend.

Kris had 30+ players for his event which means we had a 5 round tournament.  I had my fully painted Butcher list which consisted of:
- Decimator
- Berserker x2
- Juggernaut
- Full Winter Guard w/ UA
- Kovnik Joe
- Grey Lords
- Full Battle Mechanics
- Full Man Of War Shocktroopers
- Manhunter

I ended up 2-3, with my wins coming against relatively new players.  Two of the losses were close affairs, one was plain stupidity on my part.

Game One vs. Epic Thagrosh of Everblight
I did a great job of killing tons of stuff in his army, but left Thags enough room to fly in and kill the Butcher.  Stupid wings.

Game Two vs. Menoth
New player with the Testament.  His deployment was pretty tight, and bunched together.  His last attempt at an attack run was his feat getting Knights Exemplar in charge lane to Butcher, but only two could make it.  The Testament took a Rip Saw to the face twice in return.

Game Three vs. Cryx
Newish player with Epic Dhenegra.  He really didn't play to much to her strength, trying to Hellmouth some ends, but never going for the throat.  It ended on time, and I held the most points in the boxes.

Game Four vs. Cryx
Montenebra with 3 Seethers, Nightmare and Leviathan.  Once again I had this one pretty much in hand, killing most of the army, but where I thought I had covered the charge lanes on the Butcher, they were able to use overrun and a dead Man O War to get the charge to kill him.

Game Five vs. Cygnar
Sloan.  She is a B!^@# and I mean how.  Butcher, engaged in combat, Def 18, shot in the face.  End.

Kris ran a pretty smooth event, maybe could be tightened up between rounds a bit, but overall good time.  We stopped a Jason's Deli for dinner on the way home and it must have been kids from hell eat free night.  9pm and the place was packed with runaway 6 year olds.

Got to the Shoppe and our cars at around 1am, back home around 130.  Tired puppy.

Stupid Sloan.

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Adam said...

I guess you'll just have to show them how a well oiled machine works in June.

Also, $5 GF9 terrain!