Sunday, August 1, 2010

Warmachine Saturday Nights

Since I've been doing all this 'oh so fun' business travel, I hadn't gotten much gaming in on a non-computer source.  Played lots of good old Spider Solitaire as well as the electronic version of Race for the Galaxy.  I'm getting better vs. the computer as I am up to winning 1 in 5 vice 1 in 20.

Since I was back, Paul and Eric came over for a few games of Warmachine on Saturday night.

Eric and I played a 35 point game with his Durgen Madhammer vs. my newly assembled Drake MacBain.  I also put into to play Dannon Blythe and Bull, the Bounty Hunters which ended up being the stars of both games.
Eric played a great game, keeping it very close.  He used some primed Nyss hunters to keep a flank in check that I had a full unit of Sam and Devil Dogs w/ a Mule.   Blythe and Bull marked Boomhowler and did a good job keeping them suppressed until they moved in to finish them up.  It ended with Blythe and Bull swarming Durgen as the new mark and hacking away.

Second game was Paul's High Executioner Reznik a few 'Jacks, a full Exemplar Errants w/ UA and the new Errant solo.  I used the Steelheads with Countermeasures to keep the Errants from shooting while having Blythe and Bull pick them off to help secure the flank.  It ended with a giant scrum in the middle with lots of dead Heavy Jacks...  Four I think...  It took the Bokur and MacBain to take down Rez, but it wasn't pretty. 

Good games guys and thanks...  Next time I won't make soup! :)

Home...  For now...


Adam said...

Sounds like a hoot!

Paul said...

That Adam, depends on which side of the Mangler you're on.

Adam said...

Ha! I imagine that's so!