Monday, October 4, 2010

Movie: The Social Network

Since I don’t play games in more…  Shessh!

The other half and I went to see The Social Network on Sunday.

In short, it was a good movie.  Well written and acted.  However it did not persuade me to go and join Facebook.  I have my own grumblings on privacy (funny since I blog, well, sort of blog) plus the feeling of its use as a mechanism for malicious code insertion.   But, back to the movie….  It is a Hollywood version of the founding and creation of Facebook told from the point of view of two law suits against the founder from people who were either ‘wronged’ or felt the idea was ‘stolen’ from them.   I’m sure the facts were played with loosely, as is Hollywood’s right to make the boring entertaining, but it felt like a good story.   I particularly liked Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal as it was just geeky enough and snarky enough to be entertaining. 

So even though I don’t “Facebook” I found the movie worth the price of admission.  I get it 6 out of 8 friends.




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