Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some Games Around the House...

The nice thing about having Ashley at the house, is I have someone that does not mind playing a game or two once in a while.

Since she moved in Saturday night we have played a demo game of Boltz-N-Voltz, a few games of Privateer (Board Game), and two games of Carcassonne.

Wish I could get Phyllis to play then we would have enough for Shadows over Camelot! Oh well, such is life.

Carcassonne was fun, I do like the game as it is pretty easy to pick up and understand. I might have to pick up an expansion to see how it adds to the game.

As reminder, don't forget the Breast Cancer Brawl on the 27th. This includes the Pretty in Pink paint competition if you choose to participate. I'll be in Lincoln on Saturday so I'll be sure to let folks there know... Heck just as many Lincoln guys showed for the Legends event as did locals! :)

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