Monday, September 1, 2008

Tropic Thunder Review

Since I couldn't Shanghai anyone to play a game on Monday... My fault mostly for popping it on folks at the last second, I took the opportunity to go see Tropic Thunder in the theater.

I can give it a review in a few short words... "Funnier then Hell!" There... That is it. Done. :)

I saw the show at the first showing on Labor Day. About 1/5 of the seats were taken, but not crowded. A few younger kids were present (late teens) but all were accompanied by a parent so it was a pleasant movie experience. Nothing worse the plopping down $6.50 to have a screaming kid or punk-ass-teens talking on their cells. But anyways I digress...

The movie is very adult. If you don't like a bunch of 'F-Bombs' in your movie, then you might to take a pass and go see Star Wars: Clone Wars, but you will be missing some very witty humor and laugh out loud moments. I particularly liked all the Hollywood slamming that went down. From Tom Cruises' Hollywood producer to the fake Vietnam vet writer to the 'Never go full retard'. Good stuff. If you liked Bad Santa, then this movie will be in your humor spectrum.

On the 'Retard' note. The Special Olympic guys went WAY over board. If anything, this movie goes a good ways to expose the way that Hollywood exploits that mentally handicap image to make movies while doing little to help.

Anyways. Good movie. Go see it.

Quote Battle:

1 - I need to bite its hide... and wear its stomach like a unitard.
2 - Mother Nature just pissed her pantsuit!

Your call!

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