Monday, November 17, 2008

Into the depths... Sort of...

Greetings and Salutations!

The gang got together at long last, this time with all the proper supplies. Stupid white binders.

The party quickly re-grouped and followed the Lord Mayor's request to go to the graveyard and see what is causing the resurgence of undead. As the party entered the graveyard they found the disturbed ground as the skeletons and zombie hounds erupted and attacked. They were led by the elf ranger from the inn back at Winterhaven. After a long fight with varying degrees of damage, the adventures banished the undead and sealed the magic circle that was launching them.

Upon returning to Winterhaven with the dead traitors body, the party returned to the keep, but headed into the previous uncharted section of the first level. The first encounter seemed too simple, a few large rats, but they were quickly engaged by an Orche Jelly that split itself and continued to fight. Sliver, unaware of the Orche Jelly entered a second room and was surprised by a filth and stink of a Blue Slime. Faced with two large subterranean blobs, the outlying group closed the door on the Slime to concentrate on the jelly. With that taken care of, the party returned to the Blue Slime and after much grinding of bones and dropped characters, the party was able to vanquish the foe and camp for the day.

The final encounter of the day led them to the bugs... Splug tried to warn them, but to no avail. The hatchlings launched first, but provided no real road block to the party, but the younglings and two adults tied them up for sometime, but the party defeated them and found the collected loot pile, even if it was covered in bug urine.

We didn't get as far as I had hoped, maybe because I didn't expect the team to head back to the bugs... That is OK. Hope to re-enter the second layer of the keep next time. When that will be is TBD. Rob and Steve are moving next week. Yea for third floor walk ups!

I also got a chance to play some two handed San Juan with the Elder. I liked the game, it is like Race for the Galaxy, but less complex. Still a good game.

That is about all for now... Hope you all have a great week for gaming. My Paypal debit card arrived, so I'll be picking up some new games at the Shoppe on Tuesday! Go eBay! :)

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