Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veterans Day Round Up

The best benefit to civil service is ALL federal holidays are off. Yipiee! I took the opportunity to head down to the Shoppe and play a few games. I didn't get in as many as I would have liked, but I did play some new stuff.

Race for the Galaxy - I liked this game a lot. We played two games, one with three players and one with four. The different strategies you can take to win are pretty overwhelming. My favorite item was how the do the turn sequence. The random turn based on what other people decide to do was a real neat feature. All the different card symbols was a bit tough to get my head around at first, but I started to figure it out at the end. This will be a definite pick up when the paypal card comes in the mail.

Monsterpocalypse - I ran a small tournament for MonPoc in the evening. We had six players plus myself so an odd man out ringer which was me in the first round. :( I won the other two games using my Defender X and the Mega Form. The combo of the oil refinery and radar station right next to each other made for a great combo with all those grav-tanks! Looking forward to the next prize kit which comes out on the 22nd.

Saturday, hopefully, will see the return of D&D in the Shadowfell. Looking forward to the game and the 'exciting' climax... I assume. :)

I'm a Vet and I played games!

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