Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We have water!

What a week. On Sunday afternoon I attempted to fix an ongoing minor drip in the master shower. Doing a bit of Intertube research I found the most likely cause was the mixer cartridge in the shower controller. After taking of all the surface stuff, the insides of the shower controller was caked with calcium/lime deposit. Took some digging and destroying but I got the parts out. Off to the big box hardware stores to find the replacement parts... but... Wait for it... They didn't carry it.



It seems that the largest brand of products that building contractors use, doesn't sell their parts at big box. Huh. Who would have thunk that you had to go to a specialty plumbing place.

So Sunday Night, the water is off in the house. Toilets are refilled via the sprinkler drain in the basement via a bucket brigade. Lots-O-Fun. It is like Little House on the Prairie, but with out the cool hats.

And who would have thunk that said specialty plumbing space on Monday would not have the part in stock... And not offer to order it for you either. Really? Yes, Really. I think the Mafia is staffed with plumbers.

So I found this very old shop in Benson. Big shout out to The Faucet Shop in Benson for saving my bacon. It took two trips to get everything I needed, plus the ordered the part from the stupid plumbing supplier shop that I first tried to get the parts, but not until Tuesday.

On Tuesday, afternoon, I get the part and am ready to slam it into place, but wait... What is this? Part 'A' doesn't fit in Part 'B'? Really? I need a Part 'C' to go in between. Huh... To bad the diagrams don't show that.

Called the company that makes the unit on Wednesday and got the part number and recalled The Faucet Shop, and this time it was in stock! Yes! Left work around 1500 and by 1720 we had the shower repaired and water restored to the house. All is right with the world... Except the main toilet that seems to have gotten some debris in the 'Ballcock'. Stupid plumbers and their funny words. I've replaced these before, so we will live with the slow drain issue for a few days and I'll get it fixed over the weekend.

Hope everyone has water and enjoys their Thanksgiving. Hopefully I can guilt one or two of the guys to come over in the later afternoon for some board game action. :)

Bane of Plumbers

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