Wednesday, February 11, 2009

She's a Brick House...

Wow... Bad blogger not posting in over a week! Not a lot new in the gaming front. I was in sunny Dallas last week, spent Saturday at a bad demo day, and stayed home on Sunday. On Tuesday I got to start up the Call to Arms league for WM/HD. I got a 750 games against Jame's Brick Troll army and a 500 point game against Chris' Brick Troll army.

Short Version: A specialty shooting force of Cygnar versus a brick army, just don't cut it.

Ultra Short Version: Ouch!

I tried the Gun Mage Adept Unit w/ the Dude and a Hunter being marshaled in both lists. For those playing along with the home game, that is 90+27+88 = 205 points on the table. A heavy investment at 500, let alone 750. I need to refine their use, but I like the combo of the armor piercing Hunter firing twice with ricochet. Versus James, I just couldn't get the damage rolls to mount to a hill of beans, and versus Chris I misjudged the drunken Ogre's ability to engage the hunter on the first turn. It was all down hill from their.

On the D&D front, we plan to meet up on Sunday about 1300. Looking to have a good time and eat into the adventure some. Since our normal night is Saturday is Valentine's day this year, I opted for the change.

The 'Other Half' and I are, pending weather, going to the Durham Museum for the Chocolate Display, then head over to the Joslyn Art Museum to see the Art of the American West Collection. It is actually a pretty cool idea for V-Day as it gets out of the house and going around town and seeing something we normally don't do. Most likely grab lunch out too. I'll try to remember to pick up some flowers on Friday on the way home to seal the deal.

I've got a 750 tournament at the Shoppe on the 28th, followed by MonPoc "I Chomp NY" release. Hooker mentioned he might want to run the 750, which would give me the chance to play... I'll have to get a commitment out of him for that.

One last game item, many posts around the inter tubes about the War of the Ring. The one link I saw from someone that has play tested it said it is closer to Warmaster then Warhammer. Big battles in about 1.5 hours. The Warmaster system used a command and control, where a general gives orders to formations to move, charge, shoot, attack, etc. If a unit fails an order, then it just sits. If a leader fails an order, your 'movement' is done and you got to combats. Great system and I am hoping the WofR will follow most of the ideas. The game releases in April... I might get sucked into another big battle game. Dang!

I would up date you on my resolutions, but lets just say, they are not going so well. Oh well.

Breaker of Oaths

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