Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass...

At the Shoppe on Tuesday for the Call to Arms league for Warmachine our new guy, Alex, had on a T-Shirt from 'They Live'. We had a brief conversation on quotes on the movie and we got on back with our games (more later), but I got to thinking that night and today about that show.

For those that haven't seen it or don't remember it was a great piece from the early 80's. The hero, played by Roddy Piper and never named, is out of work like many folks of the time and is barely scrapping by day to day. Through being in the wrong place in the wrong time, Piper finds out that aliens have infested the upper crust of our society and are breeding humans to be content, fat, lazy, and worship the all mighty dollar. John Carpenter did a great job on the film for the time and Piper's performance was pretty good for an old wrestler.

The parallels with today's issues are just plain staggering and they have been gnawing at me all day long. The aliens are 'changing the atmosphere to be more like their own' (global warming), the economic down turn and the American fascination with materialism (This is your God on the currency), of course, 'Obey' in the hidden messages relating to the head in the sand attitude the nation had for sometime. I've just added it to my Netflix queue so I can see it again, but man, it has been riding on my mind today.

On the gaming front, I played about a dozen games of Pandemic solo as the Eldest was busy getting ready to head back to Colorado for spring break. For solo play you use the two player rules, but just play both sides. I think I was about 50% on the 'normal' setting and a few games, the viruses just exploded on me and it took longer to set the game then to play (lose). I'm hoping to set up an extra game night with the Eldest being out, just not sure the Other Half will be OK with it.

For Tuesday's Warmachine I played an epic Cain list:
Faction: Cygnar
Points: 744
Model Count: 26
Victory Points: 24

Captain Allister Caine with Squire and Ogrun Bokur body guard
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages w/ Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer w/ a Hunter
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
8 Sword Knights w/ Centurion and Sword Knight Officer & Standard Bearer w/ Centurion

Pretty fun list. It did well versus Adam's Ashleyn Steelhead list and Chris' eMadrick Troll list. I'll most likely play it at the tournament on Saturday.

That is it tonight. Lost is on in about 15 mins so I'm off to get... Lost. :)

And I'm all out of bubble gum

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