Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A whole week... Wow...

What can I say... I'm behind the curve yet again. :) So let me catch you up on the happenings this week.

Thursday I got to sneak out for some Paint Night action at Casa Rob&Steve. Paint night is a bit of a stretch. Steve was basing his Italians for Flames of War and I put together Epic Cain for a 750 point Warmachine Tournament on the Saturday. After that 'painting' I twisted arms to play Race for the Galaxy. Steve, Paul, Eric and Rob all seemed to enjoy the game and I may be able to talk them into it again in the future.

As stated the Warmachine tournament was down at the Shoppe. James volunteered to run the event for me, which was great, so I could play. I played my new Epic Cain list with Sword Knights and GMA. Fun list, bad player. I could have one the first round by scenario, but I got greedy and went for Caster Kill. That allowed Epic Gorshade to return the favor. Game two, I put Cain WAY too out front that led him to get squished by halberds led by Ashlyn. Final game was versus Skarre and I didn't even come close as she put the hurt down on old Cain with a roll of 17 on the first Skarre Bomb... jp not do so good as a player, but he did have fun.

On another note, I did find out that Tyler from Lincoln picked up his colors and will be running WM out in that area. His first event is on the 21st of March and I'm working to see if that is something I'll be able to swing or not.

After the tournament, I had to stick and run a MonPoc event. I think that will be the last time I double dip as it makes for a way too long day. The event went fine, hodgepodge of items thrown in for support.

On Tuesday, I got to have some B-Day cake complements of Ms. Becky. I also went all in for the 'War of the Ring' picking up several plastic box sets and movement trays using my discount. I spent some time with the preview rule book and I must say, I like the system. Becky, Heath, Mike and I finished off the night with two games of Pandemic. We lost both games... I blame Becky as she drew at least six of the eight epidemic cards that showed up!

Tomorrow night Steve, Becky, Heath, and I are off to the Watchman after a quick stop at Hooters for dinner. I am very excited, despite the middle of the road average over at Rotten Tomatoes. I'll post my review on Friday as I'm taking the day of after being up until 3am!

That is about it for tonight, I'll let you know Friday my thoughts on the Movie.

Giddy as a School Girl

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